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Path of Exile Skill Gems – An Ultimate Guide for Beginners


When it comes to one of the best free-to-play action RPGs out there, Path of Exile is undeniably a candidate. This game invites players with the drive of exploring RPG adventures that show monster battles. Officially released for Windows in 2013, it captivates millions of players around the world.

Who would ever disagree that this game is really a real deal with excellent graphics and gameplay? Well, as this is the verdict of the majority of its players, the game remains excellent among battle RPGs.

Brief Overview of the Game

Path of Exile is an action RPG that will take you into the dark fantasy world. The story is all about the exiles of the island nations of Oriath. As these exiles are next to the continent of Wraeclast, they decided to fight against their oppressors. This makes you as a player choose one of the exiles and fight to get back to Oriath. In your journey, you will fight the ancient gods and great evils so you can return to your home.

In the game, you will use one of the item classes to fight against your enemies. One of them is the skill gems. These skill gems are put into two which are active skill gems and support skill gems. The purpose of skill gems is to grant you active skills by placing them in an item socket. On the other hand, support skill gems are the same as active skill gems. The only difference the first doesn’t grant you access to the active skill.

Leveling Up Your Gems

In Path of Exile, the gems will stop gaining experience when it has enough of it to level up. This will be put by the level-up icon on the right of your screen. Left-clicking the gem will allow it to level up while right-clicking it will hide it from your screen.

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If you get lost after you accidentally right-click your mouse, do not worry. The gem can still be accessed in the inventory menu. In some rare situations, not leveling up your gem is still a good decision. When your gems level up, they also grant greater abilities that can help you fight the enemies. However, the requirements for acquiring them will also increase.

This is also true of the mana cost for the active skills. In addition to that, you must have the same attribute that corresponds to the gem color and your character level. It is the suggested approach in each of the gem levels. Also, the character level should be high enough to meet the increased requirements.

How to Exceed the Level Cap?

Each gem in Path of Exiles has a cap that does not allows itself to gain further experience. Because of this, you cannot advance to higher levels. The majority of the gems reached a cap at level 20. However, there are still ways to increase the level of your gems beyond this level.

To do this, you can place the gems in items with modifiers like the Paragon’s +1 level to socketed gems. You also use other modifiers such as the Corruptions and some certain unique items like the Frostferno.

Other than that, you can also link it with other support gems such as Empower Support and many more. Moreover, you can raise a gem’s level permanently just by corrupting it. You can do this by ignoring the level cap when it reaches level 20.

In addition, you can upgrade your gem’s quality through Gemscutter’s Prism. This will add quality to your gem and will affect greatly its skill. The exact modifications of the quality will be in a view by hovering over the item. After this, you should do a long press in the keys of hold and alt.

What are the Gem Types?

To illuminate all the mentioned ways to leverage your gems, let us elaborate on the following types. Let us first discuss first the Active Skills, then Support Gems, and lastly, the Vaal Skill Gems.

Path of Exile Gem Qualities

Active Skills have requirements that are based on three main attributes. You can easily identify each of these by its attribute color. Support Gems on the other hand can provide corresponding support to Active Skill gem. You just only need to remember that you cannot support Active Skill gems with more than one copy.

You can acquire Vaal Skill Gems by using Vaal Orb in Vaal side areas. Its skills are similar to its corresponding uncorrupted versions that have new effects as you progress through the game.


If you are a beginner, you can use the descriptions in the provided guide. Though this is not much comprehensive, it can give you important details about the Skill Gems. Learning about these gems is vital in progressing the Path of Exile.

While there are still updates that we have to add here in the future, you have to stay tuned. For more information and upcoming updates, stay tuned here in PlayPC.