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10 of the Most Played Military Games for PC


Simulated combat is the main focus of military games for PC. As game creators strike a compromise between an exact simulation and playability, the level of realism differs between games. For better gameplay, units are typically scaled to be disproportionally huge compared to the landscape. Military games frequently do not mimic nighttime or sleep times because they typically operate on a much faster time scale than reality, and even when they do, they can be time-consuming.

Military simulations in video games are usually tactical, operational, or strategic in nature. Commercially Military games are available for leisure and, in certain circumstances, military application. With that said, today we will list 10 of the most played free and paid military games for PC. So without further ado, let us dive right into our military game list.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Free-to-Play)

Every aspect of Counter-Strike is multiplayer. Although you can play against AI bots offline, this still gives you a simulation of what it’s like to play online rather than a single-player experience. The best part is that this is the pinnacle of online cooperative shooters. Little new is added to the timeless Counter-Strike formula by Global Offensive.

While on PC, you can already get really bizarre permutations of nearly everything. But you still have to purchase your weapons before each match. You can choose from a revolving menu intended to hasten up the procedure on consoles. Still, the maps and weaponry of the game are offered for a lifetime. Contrary to the majority of contemporary shooters, Counter-Strike does not employ the “stick and carrot” method of instruction to keep you engaged.t is not, and does not claim to be, a friendly game. These mechanics are just some of the reasons why the game is one of the most-played titles on Steam.

Counter-Strike - Military Games for PC


War Thunder (Free-to-Play)

In War Thunder, combined military engagements take place on the land, sea, and air. The creative director of the game, Kirill Yudintsev, claims that it is the first game that combines all these three experiences into a single gameplay session. The game’s vehicles span from pre-World War I naval ships to tanks and planes from the interwar era. You can also acquire vehicles from the Spanish Civil War, those used in the Iraq Invasion, and beyond.


Hearts of Iron IV

In this game, you may choose to represent any nation across the globe within 1936 or 1939 timeframes in single-player or multiplayer mode. However, Hearts of Iron IV is not intended to proceed beyond 1950. There are three types of forces in a country’s military: ground, aerial, and naval. The user can train, personalize, and command divisions of different troops, tanks, and other units making up the ground forces. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as this game boasts several exciting features waiting for you to discover.


World of Tanks Blitz (Free-to-Play)

In World of Tanks Blitz, you will enter combat on a randomly generated map while controlling one armored vehicle or self-propelled howitzer vehicle of their choice. You are also in charge of the direction and speed of the vehicle, as well as the fire. For communication, you may use voice or text chat to interact with other players and their allies.

Usually, you can win a straightforward random battle by destroying every vehicle on the other team. You may also defeat the other side by taking control of their base and holding it for an extended period of time without suffering damage from another tank. Other game modes alter the battle’s parameters, but the core gameplay elements stay the same. The game mechanisms in World of Tanks include camouflage, shell ricochets, module damage, and personnel damage. If you are a fan of armored warfare, then look no further than this game.

World of Tanks Blitz (Free-to-Play)


Battlefield™ V

Battlefield V is heavily focused on party-based dynamics, resource scarcity, and eliminating concepts from game systems to boost authenticity. The new Company system allows players to create several characters with customizable cosmetic and weapon options. It usually places a greater emphasis on user customization. You can acquire cosmetic items and the money needed to buy more for completing in-game tasks. These factors make this installment one of the best in the series.

Battlefield V


Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is designed to start historically, with events taking place at the appropriate times in history. The actual game is a dynamic map of the world divided into the nations’ constituent provinces. Provinces can both act as a source of resources for a country and a source of instability and rebellion. Therefore, each of these regions makes contributions to their country that are either positive or harmful. To succeed in the game, you must strike a balance between the armed forces, politics, and commerce. If you are looking for a Macro military game experience, Europa Universalis IV is a good option.

Europa Universalis IV



Stellaris is one of the military games for PC that takes place in the future where the development of faster-than-light (FTL) interstellar travel exists. A variety of future galaxy types are accessible in this real-time epic strategy game. You can take the role of a species’ government in the early phases of intergalactic space exploration. Your main task is to stake a claim to status as one of the star species. Ships, including military, commercial, and scientific craft, are under the player’s control. Conflict, which covers ground and space combat, is more focused on the broad picture, planning, and strategy. On the other hand, alliances and trade pacts with other races are additional diplomatic choices. Stellaris comes with the basic mechanics and elements of a military game. But what makes it epic is its intergalactic setting.



World of Warships (Free-to-Play)

Ship artillery, torpedoes, and planes are the three primary types of weapons in the tactical, slow-paced shooter World of Warships. Players can cooperate as a team because the gameplay is team-based. Divisions can be formed within a team so that groups of at least three players can join forces and engage in combat. There are various battles in which your squad can engage in PvP or PvE combat with other players or AI. This epic naval warfare-themed game comes with mechanics similar to World of Tanks. After all, both games come from the same studio.

World of Warships (Free-to-Play)


Arma 3

Arma 3’s narrative is spread out over several campaigns, exposing the players to the game’s universe and features. There are four main campaigns and numerous minor “scenarios” that serve as special challenges or highlight particular game features. The majority of Arma 3’s action is set in the mid-2030s. Specifically, it takes place on the fictitious archipelagos of Altis and Stratis throughout the South Mediterranean Coast. It also covers the Tanoa in the South Pacific and the island of Malden. You may also access the historical region of Livonia, located in the Suwaki Gap between Poland and Lithuania.

In the single-player campaign, you will assume command from American Corporal Ben Kerry of the U.S. Army. The player is put in several situations during the game, from leading massive armored operations to leading lone wolf infiltration missions. Depending on their preferred playing style, the player can select several goals and weapons. Arma III is highly recommended for those who are looking for an authentic military experience.

Arma 3 - military games for pc



A squad is a team tactical shooter intended to promote cooperation and communication. Each team’s squad size is capped at nine players, and a match is contested between two aggressive teams. Squad members can choose from a combat medic, suppression fire from a fully automated machine gunner, and anti-tank backup from a Man-Portable Anti-Tank System gunner. They may also select any number of other troop types available. A squad leader is in charge of their team and can coordinate with other squad leaders on the other team. They may also team up with other players to build defense emplacements and forward operating bases. This game is highly recommended for those looking for an exceptional multiplayer coop military game experience.

 Squad- military games for pc

From grand strategy to man-to-man wargame, the military game category is undoubtedly one of the most popular in free-to-play and paid markets. So, if you are feeling competitive or only want to have a solo military game experience on PC, look no further than the games featured on this list. For more lists of military games for PC, stay tuned only here on PlayPC.

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