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In Stray, you view the world from a cat’s perspective, discover Stray memories and engage in playful interactions with your surroundings. The game requires you to be as sneaky, silly, and irritating, as you to go around the unusual creatures of the game. As your cat character traverses the world, you will eventually make friends with a diminutive flying drone B-12.

A realistic, neon-lit cybercity’s crumbling lanes and the ominous settings of its sordid underbelly serve as the backdrop for the third-person cat adventure game Stray. Take your chance to explore the entire place from top to bottom. Perilous monsters and droids are lurking around the area, so be alert to some unexpected perils that may come your way. Along the way, you may discover many secrets that this extremely hostile location has.


What are Memories in Stray?

While exploring Walled City 99, you can interact with particular items or locations to find Stray memories, which are the game’s main collectible. All in all, there are 27 Stray memories that you will unlock as you progress. You should obtain 22 of them by exploring the area, while you can automatically collect the remaining five memories as part of the plot.

You can view any memories you have gathered along the way, including those you haven’t in the memory bank of B-12. You can easily access it in your inventory. The memories you acquire appear in yellow, while the ones you restore appear in blue. Just a reminder, you will not be able to find all colorless memories in your current location. Also, the ones with grey backgrounds indicate that you haven’t yet discovered them yet at your current level. In Stray, you need to check if any memories are stashed away in a new area before beginning a new chapter. If so, you’ll notice that B-12’s memories have a specific range of grey squares that accurately reflect how many memories you can uncover in this chapter.

You can enlarge an image of the location of a memory location by simply selecting a memory. For every memory you will find, you will receive a modest gift. Although it isn’t much, it is still worth the challenge, but we will not share it here with you to avoid spoilers.

If you miss a recollection, don’t worry. Stray lets you resume any chapter you’ve already finished whenever you wish. One drawback is that you are required to begin that chapter again from the very start. With that said, today we will reveal the locations of the seven memories in the Slums chapter.

The Slums Memories

There are seven memory spots scattered across both of Stray’s chapters on the slums. Once a memory is located, it doesn’t matter if you find it in Part 1 or Part 2, as it will credit for both chapters.

The Slums Memory #1

Memory 01 is one of the seven unrelated memories scattered around the slums. Usually, you can discover them via a deceased robot. It is near the location where the player first encounters the Guardian at the beginning of Chapter 4. It is located on the top of a building close to bottle-adorned, faded signage. To reach this roof, the fastest way is to climb onto the box adjacent to the red coin machine, which is located near The Guardian. If you choose this path, it is good to access the roof above using the railing and air vents. By using the shelf from this location, you can use the air vent on the subsequent roof to ascend to the top. There you will find the robot laying against the sign, deceased.

The Slums Memory #2

To enter the next memory in the Slums, you must go to the Bazaar West of The Guardian. Once there, you must find merchant Azooz to buy an “ancient relic”. However, you need to consume three energy drinks to complete this. You can find any vending machines in The Slums and get those drinks. After giving the cans of drinks, Azooz will remove the covering of the artifact, giving you access to revive B-12.


The Slums Memory #3

The Dufer Bar, located on the main road just across from the enormous elevator, is where you can activate the third memory in The Slums. You should enter the Dufer Bar and take the stairs up to the left. You can locate a plant if you turn right upon reaching the top of the steps. Examine it to get the memory and to help B-12 remember.

The Slums Memory #4

You must go to Momo’s apartment to acquire the Slums memory #4. Once inside, turn left after passing Momo and pass through the dangling beads into their bedroom, enter the tiny bedroom. Located on the wall opposite the bed is a poster you can interact with to unlock The Slums Memory #4.

The Slums Memory #5

The alley where Kosmo’s store is located is where you may find The Slums Memory #5. Turn around and head down the stairs while facing Guardian. Before you get to Dufer Bar, take a right. Run down the alley until it turns left, then continue running until you reach the staircase at the finish. To get the Memory, examine the wall.

Stray memories
Image Source: Stray Playstation


The Slums Memory #6

You must go see Morusque, the robotic guitarist who requests that players locate him some sheet music. Once arrive, you should proceed through the narrow alley that is immediately on his left. Players can engage with a robot painting hidden behind these air conditioners to acquire the memory.

The Slums Memory #7

Inside Elliot Programming is where players can find their final recollection of the slums. From Chapter 4 onward, you can travel to this place, and you will be required to do so. It is part of the main plot when attempting to fix the faulty transponder in Chapter 6. The first time you come, you’ll have to scratch the door to get someone to open it for you. After that, go upstairs and engage with the houseplants on the side to bring back the memory.
Stray is an indie adventure game launched on July 19, 2022, and was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Anapurna Interactive. The game is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC and is offered for $29.99. To know more fresh updates and details about Stray, stay tuned only here on PlayPC.

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