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In WWE 2K22 DLC The Whole Dam Pack, numerous anticipated stars and a few unexpected ones have finally been added to the roster. LA Knight (now Max Dupri), Machine Gun Kelly, Xia Li, Logan Paul, Rob Van Dam, Sarray, and Commander Azeez are now included in the game’s Whole Dam Pack. And it’s available across every version. The two most recent additions to the WWE roster are Logan Paul and RVD. The inclusion of Xia-Li is also well received. Plus, fans are especially happy to see LA Knight from his NXT days in the game.

With each of these additional upgrades, The MyFaction EVO cards for usage in MyFaction are also a part of it. One of the highlights of the DLC is Rob Van Dam. He has victories in the ECW World Championship, World Television Championship, and the World Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions. Furthermore, Rob Van Dam established a name for himself in the organization. RVD would use his impressive Five-Star Frog Splash finisher and acrobatic martial arts offensive to increase his collection of championships. All of this after making his way to the WWE.

Rob would eventually become the WWE Champion, a European Champion, four-time Hardcore Champion, six-time Intercontinental Champion, and WWE Tag Team Champion. Additionally, he has won the World Tag Team Champion twice. He also won the iconic Money in the Bank tournament and has become a World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer.

WWE 2K22 DLC The Whole Dam Pack
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Making History – Other WWE 2K22 DLC Details Explained

The other wrestlers included in the DLC also have made history in World Wrestling Entertainment. The Executive Soundtrack Producer of WWE 2K22 named Machine Gun Kelly along with social media personality, an aspiring boxer, and YouTuber Logan Paul, are two captivating guests. It gives The Whole Dam Pack its pop culture influence. Both Logan Paul and Machine Gun Kelly have a history with the WWE. Machine Gun Kelly clashed with Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw and joined the WrestleMania XXVIII.

On the other hand, Logan Paul has partnered up with the iconic wrestler called The Miz, where they engaged in battle and were able to defeat Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio in a match at WrestleMania 38 last April 2022. All of this happened after appearing at various events like WrestleMania 37 in 2021, Monday Night Raw, and SmackDown.

The boisterous LA Knight, the first Chinese woman to ever compete for WWE, Xia Li, the imposing Commander Azeez, and the carefree “Warrior of the Sun” Sarray round out the group and make their WWE 2K series debuts. You can purchase The Whole Dam Pack as a standalone add-on for $9.99. The WWE 2K22 nWo 4-Life Digital Edition and the Deluxe Edition as well as the entire WWE 2K22 Season Pass come with the Whole Dam Pack. You can also get it as standalone purchases.

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WWE 2K22 DLC in a Nutshell…

WWE has a long history in the video gaming industry. Long enough that 2K plainly did not believe the fanbase to bite that game up and regurgitate it right back out. In response, 2K decided to stop working on WWE 2K21 and concentrate all of its attention on WWE 2K22. It’s finally here, after more than two years, and while WWE 2K22 has easily surpassed the insanely low bar of being better than 2K20, it isn’t the radical reinvention of the wrestling video game genre that many of you seem to be looking for.

Nevertheless, 2K22 represents a significant improvement over 2K20 in almost every area of the iconic franchise. There has been a significant reduction in the number of persistent bugs that plague every aspect of the game. Plus, the in-ring action has been redesigned and improved. And the variety and quality of its game types have both grown. WWE 2K22 is a recent high point for the franchise. One of the most significant ways 2K has increased the fluidity and the unpredictable nature of a match is the mechanic of reversing moves.

You can undo some movements by simply pressing the triangle (on a PlayStation controller) at the appropriate moment. However, it takes a one in three probability of success to break a combination by pressing a separate button at your opponent’s exact moment.

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WWE 2K22 DLC Made Everything Better

The assertions that a casual player can pick up and start playing the game are also accurate. Although it’s very simple to grasp the fundamental controls, individuals who plan to play WWE 2K22 frequently won’t get bored or feel it to be too simple after a short while. It’s all thanks to the addition of multiple combos and other complexities. So if you’re looking for an exciting and authentic WWE experience, then look no further than this game.

WWE 2K22 is currently available for purchase for consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and for Windows PC. With the DLC, you will have a great time playing this game. In the meantime, stay tuned here in PlayPC for more WWE 2K22 goodness.

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