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WWE 2K22 Launch Aims to Get the Franchise Back on Track


The latest installment to 2K Sports’ WWE series has finally landed on the PC and consoles. Needless to say, the series has been experiencing a steep downhill decline due to the poor execution of the past entries. Moreover, just like the drama that occurs in the WWE arena where the superstar is pinned and the ref begins to count, WWE 2K22 slips from the grip of its opponent for a shot of redemption. For the record, the last time a WWE developed by 2K Sports got a green rating on Metacritic is back in 2013 with WWE 2K14 for the Xbox 360 and 2018 with WWE 2K19 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. Furthermore, 2019’s WWE 2K20 was a complete disaster with critics calling the game a downgrade from its predecessor among others. Additionally, the poor development and execution of the game resulted in a 2/10 score from Gamespot and a 45/100 Metascore.

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WWE 2K22 has a lot on its plate since this game could break the entire series, such as the new game mode. With that in mind, now that the embargo has been lifted and the critics along with thousands of WWE fans submitted their review scores, it’s time for us to check if the game can make up for the faults of its predecessor.

WWE 2K22 Review Consensus

To start, we will take a quick look at the reviews with the highest scores down to the lowest. WWE 2K22 currently has a Metascore of 77/100 (58 critic reviews) on the PS5, 76/100 (5 critic reviews) on the PS4, 78/100 (28 critic reviews) on the Xbox Series X, and 72/100 (11 critic reviews) on the PC. With that said, we will be looking at the highest and lowest scores on the WWE 2K22 PlayStation 5 and PC.

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WWE 2K22 PS5 Reviews

Shindig 4.5/5 Stars

Shindig scores WWE 2K22 with a near-perfect score of 4.5/5 citing the game’s authenticity in its presentation. Apart from that, the publication states that the game closely resembles modern WWE. In addition, the reviewer also praised the solid game modes included in the game making the experience as immersive as possible.

Inverse 6/10

Inverse also reviewed the game on the PlayStation 5, however, they are not as pleased as Shindig. According to them, their review must answer the following questions: Is the game worth your time? and Are you getting what you paid for? With that said, the publication states that although WWE 2K22 boasts major improvements compared to the last installment, the game still comes with a limited roster, repetitive commentary, and an awful detection system. The 6/10 score of the game is enough to answer the aforementioned questions.

PS5 User Reviews

WWE 2K15 is currently sitting on a 7.5/10 made up of 110 positive, 11 mixed, and 27 negative impressions from 148 players who submitted their reviews. However, the game was able to accumulate perfect scores from players who praised the overall improvements of the game. In contrast with the positives is the negative feedback from players who are not happy with the game’s framerate during rumbles, offline features, and incomplete roster.

WWE 2K22 PC Reviews

WWE 2K22 currently has a 72/100 Metascore made up of 5 positives and 6 mixed impressions from critics. Despite the low score, the game has yet to receive a below-average rating from its reviewers, which is a positive thing compared to its predecessor.

MGG Spain 83/100

MGG Spain gave WWE 2K22 a rating of 83/100, which is the highest in the PC review consensus. The publication praised the game’s improved humor, expansive customization, stylish career mode, and stunning graphics. However, MGG Spain states that the game’s controls become clunky on some occasions. Furthermore, it has a lack of history recap, and the micropayment system is the game’s worst feature.

Shacknews 6/10

WWE 2K22 received the lowest PC review score from Shacknews with a 6/10 score. The publication praised the game’s improved lighting and character models, cross-platform creative suite compatibility, and simplified controls. The negative feedback, however, greatly outweighs the positive with the reviewer calling out the game’s lack of next-gen visual upgrades, half-baked modes, incomplete roster, omissions, and problems with the creation suite.

WWE 2K22 PC User Reviews

The PC user reviews of WWE 2K22 are not as impressive as those for the PlayStation 5. The game is currently sitting on a 5.3/10 made up of 14 positives, 3 mixed, and 13 negative impressions from players. Moreover, most of the positive impressions praised the game’s improvement compared to its predecessor. Some players gave the game a 0 rating citing the graphics, poor reversal movements, and physics as its worst flaws.
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Is WWE 2K22 Worth Buying?

If you’re an avid fan of the WWE franchise, you will definitely enjoy this game compared to its disastrous predecessor. Despite the improvements and added features, the game still has its flaws not to mention a micropayment system. If you want to enjoy a fun realistic depiction of some of your favorite WWE Superstars, feel free to get this game. Otherwise, just wait for it to hit the discount bin. And for more updates and guides about WWE 2K22, make sure to stay tuned here at PlayPC.

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