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Darius Wild Rift – An Epic Champion Build, Runes & Item Guide


When you’re playing the multiplayer strategy game League of Legends Wild Rift, or in most MOBA games for that matter, there are three stages to the match. There’s the early stage, the mid-stage, and the late stage. In each stage, there are certain objectives that each team needs to accomplish. Certain champions will do well in various stages of a match. But if you prefer a champion who will do well in all stages, then Darius Wild Rift the Hand of Noxus is your champion.

Darius in Wild Rift is a fighter, a champion who is good in all stages of the game. One thing to note about Darius, though, is that there’s a bit of a learning curve to using him properly. To help you with that, this blog post will be a Darius Wild Rift guide. We’ll provide tips and information about the champion, so you can speed up your learning curve.

Darius Skills in Wild Rift

To be able to use Darius in Wild Rift properly, you need to understand his skills first. In this section, we’ll talk about Darius’ skills in Wild Rift and how to use them.

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Hemorrhage Passive Skill

The passive skill of Darius in Wild Rift is Hemorrhage. Whenever Darius attacks or uses his ability to attack, enemies who are struck will bleed physical damage over time. The damage can stack up to a cap of five. Once the stacks are full, Darius will activate Noxian Might for several seconds. In this state, the champion will gain attack damage and can apply full stacks of Hemorrhage to enemies. It’s the skill that allows Darius to do well at any stage of the game.

Decimate 1st Skill

For Darius’ first skill in Wild Rift, you have Decimate. For this skill, Darius will wind up and swing his axe in a wide circle. Enemies within the area of the circle will take damage. But those who get hit by the blade will receive more damage compared to those who got hit by the axe’s handle. But aside from dealing damage, Darius will also heal whenever his axe’s blade hits an enemy during the spin. This ability makes Darius hard to kill during battle. It’s why it’s also a priority skill to level up.

Darius’ Skills in Wild Rift Decimate
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Crippling Strike 2nd Skill

The second skill of Darius in Wild Rift is the Crippling Strike. It’s a boost skill where Darius will empower his next attack to deal additional physical damage. Aside from additional damage, Darius’ next attack will also slow enemies for a second. It’s also worth noting that this ability can count as an auto-attack reset. Therfore, when you use auto-attack you can activate the ability any time and it will attack right away. It’s the least priority skill for leveling up.

Apprehend 3rd Skill

After learning Darius’ third skill in Wild Rift, Apprehend, you’ll get another passive skill. It’s a passive that gives Darius armor penetration. So, you won’t need it on your build. As for the skill itself, Darius will sweep an enemy with the hook of the axe and pull them to him. It’s a skill you can use to pick opponents one by one. It’s at least a great way to put the enemy’s backline in the line of fire. It’s the skill you prioritize after Decimate.

Noxian Guillotine Ultimate Skill

Darius’ ultimate skill in Wild Rift is Noxian Guillotine. The champion will leap to an enemy champion and then strike down to deal a lethal blow. What makes this skill deadly is that it deals true damage. The damage he dishes out will also increase per stack of Hemorrhage. What’s great about this ultimate is that its cooldown is automatically refreshed if you kill an enemy using Noxian Guillotine. Not only that, but it will instantly grant Noxian Might as well for a few seconds. It also causes enemy minions to flee.

Furthermore, it’s the skill that makes Darius dangerous. You just need to know if the skill can kill an enemy champion, so you can take advantage of its cooldown refreshing instantly. Let’s now look at the best build for Darius in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Darius Build

When it comes to the best Wild Rift Darius build, there are two ways to go about it, the more offensive build and the more defensive build. For this guide, we’ll focus more on the defensive build since it’s the one recommended for beginners. For this build, the best items for Darius Wild Rift are Sterak’s Gage for health, Spirit Visage for health, magic resist, and some ability haste. Completing your core will be the Black Cleaver, which provides health, attack damage, ability haste, and an ability to shred enemy champion’s armor.

Wild Rift Darius Build
Image Source: Wild Rift Darius Build

Completing his items would be Guardian Angel and Death’s Dance for more armor and attack damage. For the boots, go with the Plated Steelcaps then Protobelt. For the Runes, go with Conqueror for additional damage and physical vamp, and Triumph for additional heal whenever you take down enemy champions. Completing the Runes would be the Nullifying Orb for an added shield, and Demolish for destroying towers quickly. For the Summoner’s Spells, use Flash and Ignite.

Darius Wild Rift Guide & Tips

What’s great about Darius in Wild Rift is the fact that he’s good in all stages of the game. In the early game, you don’t have to be passive in your lane. If you find an opportunity to engage the enemy 1-on-1, then go for it. Just make sure you take full advantage of Decimate, hitting your enemy on the axe part to deal more damage while providing you with heal. It’s why Darius is a good champion early on.

Darius Wild Rift gameplay

You just need to properly time how you use the first skill. Additionally, his passive allows him to deal more damage, so take advantage of that. He can maintain his usefulness up to the late stages of a match. When you reach the mid and late game, Darius is best used in team fights. His skills make him an issue during team fights, especially with the proper use of Apprehend and Noxian Guillotine. If you can master hooking the enemy’s backline and taking advantage of the ultimate’s cooldown reset, you’ll be a nightmare in any team fight.

You do have to be wary of certain champions. These are Akali, Riven, and Teemo. They can give Darius a run for his money, so be cautious when laning against them.

Dominate the Battlefield with Darius Wild Rift

If you always wanted to use Darius in League of Legends Wild Rift, it’s best to use this guide as a starting point. And if you’re searching for more character guides like this one, make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC.


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