The Sims 4 Mermaids

Sims 4: On Mermaids & Tons of Aquatic Fun in Island Living


The Sims series is everyone’s go-to game when they’re craving for good simulation. Its latest installment in the main series, Sims 4, is here to give players another immersive gaming experience. Aside from that, its latest expansion pack, Island Living, gives players aquatic fun with its mermaid feature. Speaking of mermaids, a lot of players have taken interest in it. This is because it gives them a new perspective on the life of this mythical creature. They can talk to other marine animals, and so much more!

Here are 9 things that you should know about this feature in Sims 4. With this, you’ll get to know what are the things you should look forward to. Aside from that, you’ll know to turn yourselves into mermaids. Finally, this will make you love Sims 4 a whole lot more.

Mermaids Can Go Outside Water

Unlike what we commonly know, mermaids in Sims 4 can go on land. Although, it’s only for a limited time. Once you’re outside water, you lose your tail and can have them back once you’re in a body of water. It can be in the sea, or even in a bathtub! Aside from that, you get to use a few of your mermaid powers. However, you must not stay outside the water much. This is because your hydration levels will fall to zero and you will stink so bad. Although you won’t die over this or stop being a mermaid, stinking bad is not good for your sim.

The Sims 4 Mermaid

Dive as Much as Your Heart Desires

Of course, being a mermaid means going into the depths of water and discovering marine life. As a mermaid, you will be doing a lot of diving and sightseeing under the sea. It can also swim faster than a normal sim with a level 10 fitness. However, you can’t do snorkeling nor make them wear scuba gear. From a logical point of view, it will be quite redundant for them to wear them. Also, it’s pointless to stay wandering on the shallow part of the water as a mermaid. Besides, it’s much more fun to go in the deeper waters.

You Get Better at Fishing in Sims 4

Being a mermaid also makes you a good fisherman. This is because you have better stamina when you’re in the water. Moreover, you have bonuses when freediving. Finally, you can use the Aquatic Lure spell. Using this spell can give you a boost in a fishing spot. With these, it’s a lot easier to get some catches. Aside from that, you can enjoy fishing more!

Become Friends with a Dolphin

What’s more fun about being a mermaid is that you can make friends with a dolphin. Just like how Ariel is friends with Sebastian the crab. Here, being friends with a dolphin has certain benefits. Being friends with one gives you 5+ Hour and a +2 Happy Moodlet. You can make friends with them just by calling them when you’re in open water.

The Sims 4 Dolphin

Sing Lullabies & Drag Other Sims Underwater

We can’t miss the siren’s songs when it comes to being a mermaid. As a mermaid in Sims 4, you can sing your lullabies and have certain attributes. Moreover, you can drag other Sims underwater as you sing. By summoning Ocean Threat, you will sing dark-sounding songs then drag your victims underwater. Doing so gives your victims a +3 Stressed Moodlet. Moreover, you get +100 to all Mermaid’s Motives.

Aside from that, with Siren’s Lullaby, you can affect yourself and the other Sims in four different ways.

  • Charmer’s Lullaby – it eliminates Embarrassed Buffs and grants a +2 Flirty Moodlet
  • Inspiring Berceuse – it eliminates Uncomfortable Buffs and grants a +2 Inspired Moodlet
  • Aegean’s Question – it eliminates Focused Buffs and grants a +2 Stressed Moodlet
  • Night’s Requiem – it eliminates Energized Buffs and grants a +2 Sad Moodlet

Give Someone a Kiss in Sims 4

Just like in the fairy tale, a mermaid’s kiss is special. Here, a kiss can give you a certain attribute. Mermaid’s Kiss can grant your target a +1 Happy moodlet. Although, it is better if you do it with another mermaid and in the water. It is much more romantic that way. Spread love even under the sea through this!

Control the Weather

This ability is quite special since, in Sims 4, you can control the weather if you’re a mermaid. Don’t like sunny skies? Make it rain. Too dark and gloomy? Then make it bright and sunny. You can do whatever you want with the weather! What makes it more interesting is that you can do all this by using a conch.

How to be a Mermaid in Sims 4

Now that you’ve read all of its special abilities, I’m sure you’re now itching to be a mermaid. To become one, this is what you should do. First, you must acquire a Mermadic Kelp. You can get this in the Rewards Menu just for 500 Satisfaction. Moreover, you can find this one at the deepwater buoys as you dive. Also, you can get this as you explore the “hidden” cave on the Island of Mua Pel’am. Although the latter two are based on events so it can be quite hectic, so you’re better off purchasing it instead.

The Sims 4 Strange Sensation

Then, you let your Sim eat the Mermadic Kelp. Once you do, your Sim gets a “Strange Sensation”. When this happens, make sure to go into the water within 24 hours. Not being able to do so will stop the transformation.

Going Back to Normal

If you’re tired of being a mermaid, there is a way of going back to normal. And no, staying on the land for a long time won’t do. To revert to normal, you must eat two Mermadic Kelps. This will change your stats and remove the buff. By doing this, even if you go to the water, you won’t have a tail. Moreover, you can still go back to being a mermaid by eating another Mermadic Kelp if you want to.

Being a mermaid thanks to the Island Living Expansion Pass in Sims 4 is so much fun. Aside from that, there are other cool and exciting things you can do in the game as well. So, download and play Sims 4 now!