Is Dying Light 2 Stay Human Worth Playing?


The sequel to the 2015 survival horror game Dying Light is finally out in the wild after all the delays caused by unprecedented occurrences. Launched on February 4, 2022, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the most anticipated sequels for this year. The newly launched game promises to break the trend in video games wherein sequels often flop due to poor development and repetitive content. In other words, Dying Light 2 boasts an evolved version of the first installment. With that in mind, let’s take a quick overview of the game’s overall review score from players and critics to answer the question, “Is Dying Light 2 worth playing?”

Zombies in the Future

Dying Light 2 Stay Human takes the player 22 years after the events of its predecessor. With that span of time, it is already expected that the game comes with a new predecessor and a new narrative.

In this chapter, players take the role of parkour specialist Aidan Caldwell. More than just your typical video game protagonist, Aiden boasts over 3000 parkour animations for a seamless exploration experience. In addition, the game also features a grappling hook, a paraglider, ranged/melee weapons, and superhuman skills for the character. As per the developers, Dying Light 2 can dish out 500 hours of gameplay which is more than any other survival horror game can offer out there.

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Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

One of the elements that players love about the first installment in the open-world environment is its exploration capability. In Dying Light 2, that element was expanded to cater to the game’s new set of animations and gadgets. The city in this game is bustling with activities that players can explore anytime. The colossal map of the game is never dull due to the multitude of activities happening in every corner. The best part is that the game also comes with a solid reward system that makes upgrading the skills and weapons of your character a breeze.

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Fighting the Undead

Moreover, combat in Dying Light 2 is also improved with players only having access to gunpowder-based weapons. In other words, guns are nonexistent in the game. Instead, players will have access to melee weapons like metal pipes and baseball bats. A bow and arrow are also available for those who want to engage their enemies from afar. What makes this game unique, is that the developers were able to infuse the parkour mechanics into the game’s main combat system. This means that players will be able to unlock various deadly parkour attacks over time.

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Unlike the first installment, the environment in Dying Light 2 is less chaotic. For the most part, humans are trying their best to build a decent society once again. However, with a corrupt system holding all the power, a decent society can never be established. With that said, Dying Light also comes with a city control system that allows the player to manipulate the balance of power within the city. As for the main story, Dying Light 2 features a decision-based system that allows the player to craft or create their own story.

What Critics & Players are Saying About the Game

Dying Light 2 Stay Human boasts a 76/100 Meta score with a 4.9/10 user score on the PS5. Most of the complaints of players point to bugs that they hope Techland can patch in the coming weeks. For the Xbox Series X, the game got a 77/100 average score from critics and a 4.5/10, with most players complaining about bugs and other issues in the game. On PC, the game was able to accumulate a 77/100 Meta score and a much lower 4.2/10 player score. Like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, PC players are complaining about the game’s bugs and poor optimization.

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Is Dying Light 2 Worth Playing?

From a third-person perspective, Dying Light 2 is a fun and unique game that survival horror fans should definitely check out. However, with all the bugs and other issues that require patching, we would not recommend getting the game today, unless you are a fan of the first installment. Also, if you are one of those players who likes blowing up zombies with high-caliber guns, then you might get disappointed with this game. Nevertheless, for those who are fond of parkour and melee combat, then there is much to love in this game.

Overall, it is better to wait it out before playing this game. Waiting a couple of months won’t hurt. We highly recommend that you stay up to date with all the patches and bug fixes in this game in the future before getting it. Who knows, you might be able to get this game at a cheaper price, with lesser bugs compared to today.

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