In-Game Ads – Players Starting To Warm Up On The Issue


One of the things that gamers hate the most about online games, especially mobile games, is the in-game ads. They usually pop up out after completing a level, which can be very irritating. Some of these ads cannot be skipped, so you have to wait before you can continue playing. Then, there are also the banner ads, which can be annoying to look at while you play. However, there’s a recent study from that shows gamers are starting to warm up to in-game ads.

Nike Logo in NBA 2k22

But why? Why are players starting to warm up to in-game ads? This is what we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll look at the reasons why players are starting to warm up to the idea of seeing the ads while they’re playing video games.

The Gaming Spotlight Report

The report entitled Gaming Spotlight and it was created by using their Game IQ and in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC). They reported on the current gaming trends for PC, console, and mobile. The report stated that the video game industry is continuing to boom as it’s on track to reach $222 billion worldwide with mobile gaming accounting for 60% market share. It’s also the primary driving force of the growth, which shows the popularity that mobile games are having.

As for the in-game ads, the report stated that many mobile users are actually on board with having to see and watch ads. They will do this in exchange for playing the game for free and getting service rather than paying for the game and not seeing any ads at all. This doesn’t mean, though, that ads are not loathed, many people still don’t like them. But they’re willing to tolerate it in exchange for not paying for the game.


Nike Logo in NBA 2k22
Nike Logo in NBA 2k22

Video ads remain as the ad content that has the highest presence among all ad formats. As for ad sentiments, the report showed that the majority of U.S. gamers still don’t like seeing in-game ads when they play. But the gap between those who don’t like them and those who think they’re okay is narrowing. This goes for both banner/display ads and video ads. Video ads , though, still also have the highest negative sentiment among responders.

The ads with the highest positive sentiment continue to be the ones that offer rewards to players though their gap with those who don’t like them has shrunk a bit. Playable ads have the second-highest likes among ad formats. They’re close to neutral, though, in terms of sentiment but with a dip in positive sentiment.

Why Are In-Game Ads Getting More Positive Sentiments?

The Gaming Spotlight report didn’t mention any reasons why ad sentiments are improving. They said that they’re leaving it to open interpretation. In this section, we’ll discuss our interpretation of this improvement.

Improvements in How Ads are in the Game

The main reason why in-game ad sentiments are improving is because of how they’re being integrated into the game itself. Granted this is already being done by many game developers before, but they were the exception and not the norm. But now, more and more game developers are improving how they incorporate advertisements into their games. This makes it more bearable to see since they will feel and look like they’re just part of the game.

They don’t stand out or obstruct anything when you play, which is one of the annoyances of gamers with in-game ads. So, having in-game ads that don’t stand out will look okay to many gamers. They might even find it funny, to see a banner of McDonald’s or Nike on one of the billboards of the game they’re playing.

Ads Function As Like Commercial Breaks

Another likely reason why many gamers are starting to warm up to in-game ads is that they can function as breaks in-between gaming. This is especially true for in-game video ads. Instead of continuing to the next level, you can see ads.


Red Bull Ads
Red Bull Ad


They go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, get snacks, reply to a message, and so on. These can be helpful, in a way. That is why some people have a positive sentiment for ads, especially video ads. It allows them to take short breaks and do other things before going back to gaming.

What Does This Mean ?

In general, the majority of the gamers still hate seeing in-game ads when they’re playing. But that’s slowly changing as advertisers improve how they create their ads and game developers improve how they incorporate them. This boost in positive sentiment could mean more in-game ads in the future. I don’t mind these ads, as some of them look good in-game. I just hope the developers incorporate them properly and advertisers continue to improve the kinds of ads they put in the game.