Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Game Strategy Guide for Beginners


Since 2013, Ironhide Games’ Kingdom Rush has evolved to become a household brand when it comes to tower defense games in the freemium market. Part of what makes this game a success comes from the basic elements and mechanics embedded within its core structure. Moreover, the modesty of the game’s design makes it more accessible and fun to play, to say the least.

If you are a new player who wants to know the basic strategies in the game without ruining the entire experience, then, you are on the right page. This is because the strategies on this page are merely a generalization of what to do during your first hours in the game. Whether you want to follow the strategies or not is all up to you. After all, Kingdom Rush is just like any other strategy game out there where victory is dependent on your gameplay style.

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Kingdom Rush: Understanding the Mechanics

Winning battles in Kingdom Rush does not depend on luck. For the most part, you need to have the proper strategy defending your base. So, the first thing that you should do is to get an overview of the entire game. Knowing the purpose of each tower, power-up, and support will help you concoct the perfect strategy.

Below is an overview of the towers and power-ups in the game. Read on to know more.


There are four towers in Kingdom Rush. Each tower comes with an evolution or path upgrades. Each path comes with its own effect that will influence your strategy.

Archer/Ranged Tower

First is the Archer/Ranged towers, which evolve into a garrison or a ranger’s hideout. These towers can take on both flying and marching enemies. What these towers lack in damage, makes up for it in speed. Ranged towers are best in protecting your ground troops.

Melee Tower

Speaking of ground troops, our next structure is the melee tower or barracks. This structure evolves into a knight’s barracks or a barbarian mead hall. The difference between the two is that knights can only attack ground troops but can heal each other. Barbarians on the other hand do not possess healing abilities but can attack both ground and air troops. With that said, if you are planning to evolve your melee tower into a Knight’s barracks, then make sure that you have a ranged tower nearby for protection against flying enemies.

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Magic Tower

Next is the Magic Tower that evolves into a wizard or sorcerer tower. The difference between the two is that Wizards can produce golems or elemental monsters and can inflict polymorph among their attackers. A Wizard tower is comparable to the barracks. Evolving the tower into an arcane tower will allow you to wield the death beam and teleport. The death beam is a powerful laser-like beam while the teleport will transport enemies back to the starting point. Placing both towers side by side is one way of taking advantage of the power of both towers.

Artillery Tower

Artillery towers as the name suggests evolves into powerful cannon-like contraptions that can inflict a massive amount of damage. This tower can also evolve into a Tesla Tower that can spew out powerful electrical currents. The difference between the two is that Tesla Towers can zap and slow down hordes of enemies. Artilleries, on the other hand, have a decent range and group damage but lack stopping power. This means that fast-moving enemies can often slip through artillery without a sweat.

Managing Your Resources

Now that you have an overview of the towers, the next thing that you should focus on is budgeting. You need to learn to control your spending in the game in real-time. Evolving each tower can be costly and will drain out your bank if you do not have a plan. So, make sure that your first set of towers are powerful enough to handle the first 7 waves of enemies. This will enable you to bank on resources later on.

Also, make sure that your towers complement each other effectively. Quick mobilization of enemies is more than enough to keep you busy at each level. So, make sure that you have an organized tower placement. This will positively affect your chances of beating the level.

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In addition to the towers, you will also have access to reinforcements and rain of fire. Both are powerful support features that if managed properly can make or break your game. Also, don’t forget that you also have access to three of the twelve heroes in the game (Sir. Gerald Lightseeker, Alleria Swiftwind, and Malik Hammerfury). Heroes come with their own unique attributes that you can integrate into your strategy.

Play Kingdom Rush Free on PC

Kingdom Rush is a fun and exciting game any tower defense enthusiasts should play. You can download and play the full unblocked version of this game on your PC for free. All you need to do is click on this download link, follow the download instructions. Enjoy endless hours of tower defense gameplay at the comfort of your PC.