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Ark 2 – What We Know So Far About This Game


Ark: Survival Evolved is a very fun and entertaining action-adventure multiplayer survival game that’s developed and published by Studio Wildcard. It was released in 2017 and has since amassed a healthy player base. Fans of the game have something to look forward to.

During the Game Awards 2020 last December, Studio Wildcard revealed the trailer for the sequel to the hit game, which they’re calling Ark 2. The announcement itself is surprising considering the continued popularity of Ark: Survival Evolved. But that’s not the only surprising thing, as the teaser for the game also provided surprises. Let’s discuss Ark 2 further in this article.

Vin Diesel is Involved in Ark 2

Aside from the announcement of a sequel game, the trailer also revealed the involvement of a popular actor. It’s none other than Vin Diesel. What’s interesting about this is that the Fast and Furious actor is a superfan of Ark: Survival Evolved. It may look like the actor will be simply starring in the game, but in reality, he will be doing more than that

In a press release, Studio Wildcard announced that Diesel joined their production team as the President of Creative Convergence. He will be the Executive Producer of Ark 2, on top of playing Santiago, a hero protagonist. Diesel’s role will also include overseeing Ark: The Animated Series, where his character will also cross over.

What Kind of Game Will Ark 2 Be?

Looking at the tweet of the developer, Ark 2 seems to be almost similar to Ark: Survival Evolved, at least in terms of gameplay. It will likely be a multiplayer open-world survival game where players will be able to fight and tame creatures, gather materials, build shelters, and so on. The trailer also revealed that it’s still going to be set in the prehistoric age, so you’ll still face dinosaurs here.


Ark 2 trailer screenshot
Image Source: Ark: Survival Evolved


It also looks like it will involve a lot of fighting and surviving, not only against other creatures but other tribes as well. The developer also revealed that the new game will be created for next-generation consoles and will use the next-generation online multiplayer sandbox. It will also feature next-generation graphics, which are already evident on the game’s trailer.

Will Ark 2 Have a Story to Follow?

From the looks of the trailer, it’s possible for the game to have a story in it. Ark: Survival Evolved eventually added a story for players to follow, so the sequel may have one as well. Vin Diesel’s involvement in the game also hints at the possibility that there’s going to be a storyline. But we feel it’s likely just going to be a part of the game, and not the main pillar which the game will be developed around.

Ark 2 Release Date

The developers didn’t provide an actual date of release for Ark 2, but they are targeting a 2022 release. There wasn’t any confirmation if that target year would be a full release or just early access. Also, the target platform for the game is the Xbox Series X|S console and they’re planning to make it exclusive. But if the game follows the footsteps of Ark: Survival Evolved, then we can also expect the game to become available eventually on PC.

Once that happens, it won’t be a stretch to think that a PlayStation 5 version will soon come out. But for now, it’s going to be available for the Xbox Series X|S when it launches. The trailer for Ark 2 looks very promising. And with the time still available, we are hoping the developers deliver a great sequel to an already great game.