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The Big 3 Game Titles That Players Are Waiting For


When it comes to games that are coming out this year, there are a lot. Some are teased with just a logo, while others have full-blown trailers. Despite the effort developers put into teasing and hyping up their games, only a handful caught the community’s attention. And while most lists will tell you the top 5, 10, or even 15 coming it this year. We’re narrowing it down to three. After all, these titles managed to cause massive waves in the industry– particularly social media. So without delay, let’s talk about the big three games players are anticipating in 2021.

Enter The World Of Monster Hunter: Rise

Capcom goes back to Nintendo after conquering the entire community with Monster Hunter World. Their latest title, Monster Hunter: Rise, is set to be released on March 26th for the Nintendo Switch. The developers announced its release in September last year during their Nintendo Direct online presentation. They showed a trailer during the event that showcased the main features of the game.

MH: Rise takes players into the shinobi-esque land of Kamura Village. It’s a lush environment littered with formidable monsters. Players take the role of a hunter where they can get access to a multitude of weapons and armors. Like its predecessor, hunters can craft equipment by using materials they get after hunting monsters. It also features open-world exploration much like in MH: World.


Monster Hunter Rise
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A few notable features unique to Rise is the wirebug. It’s a mobility mechanic where players can latch to a flying bug and swing across maps and the battlefield. Hunters can also ride monsters now using the wirebug, and use the trapped creature to attack others. In addition, players can now have a Palamute companion. These new and exclusive features are what caught the gaming communities’ attention as these weren’t present in the previous titles. Players looking to buy MH: Rise can pre-order now and get more exclusive rewards.

Escape The Horrors of Resident Evil Village

Another game title by Capcom took the world by storm and for all the wrong reasons. In June 2020, Capcom revealed Resident Evil Village. It’s the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and was announced during the Playstation 5 reveal event. It’s set to launch on May 7, 2021. Now the Resident Evil franchise has been one of the popular horror-action games in gaming history. And with great reasons. They are one of the early titles that incorporated the “virus Zombies” as opposed to the traditional magically-revived ones.

They took survival, horror, action, and RPG elements to whole new levels that spawned multiple sequels throughout the years. Given their track record, one would say that players are talking about the latest installment in the same light. Too bad we got that wrong. The one aspect of RE: Village that truly caught the attention of gamers is Lady Dimitrescu. A seven-foot-tall female vampire, and acts as the main antagonist of the game. After its announcement, all the internet ever talks about is Lady Dimitrescu and her “charms.”


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Now don’t get us wrong. We’re pretty sure RE: Village is going to be a great game given its awesome visuals and survival horror gameplay. But people just can’t help it if they’re mesmerized by Lady Dimitrescu. And she’s probably the main reason why people are excited about it. Gamers who want to buy Resident Evil Village can pre-order now to get exclusive items.

Return To Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Giant monsters and voluptuous vampires aside, Square Enix isn’t going to be left behind. Revealed during the Sony State of Play, it’s the Playstation 5 version of the iconic FFVII Remake. “Squeenix” double-downed on the remake by offering 4k graphical capabilities and Yuffie’s DLC. It’s set to launch on June 10, 2021, for the PS5. Players who already own a physical or digital copy of the Remake can upgrade to the PS5 version for free. However, they have to buy Yuffie’s DLC separately.

Rumors are circulating that players will get to see Yuffie’s homeland as you get to play as her in the DLC. The game also includes new characters that might shed light on the lore of Final Fantasy VII. Like the previously mentioned titles, gamers can also pre-order Intergrade before its release date along with some exclusive bonuses.

So there you have it. The top three most anticipated games in 2021. If you’re a fan of these titles, you can buy them now and wait for their actual release date. We’re not halfway through the year yet so expect more awesome games to come this year.