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Valorant: Top Weapons to Achieve a Winning Streak


Video games come in all shapes, sizes, genres, and excitement. One such game genre that is taking the world by storm are first-person shooter games. These games are always in the first-person perspective, engaging in weapon-based combat, and it is filled with action and killing. Today, some of the most popular FPS games are Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Payday, and more. But one tactical first-person shooter game that provides tons of excitement and new features is Valorant, which was developed and released by Riot Games.

In Valorant, the two main elements are weapons and the agents. Weapons are your best friend in this game. Finding the right one to use can make or break your victory in every round. There are many weapons available in Valorant, but only a few of them stand out. Not every firearm is a competent choice and not every agent can wield them effectively. So to give you the competitive edge we’ll talk about why it’s important to choose the right weapon to wield.

The Huge Difference in Choosing The Right Weapons

FPS games are naturally competitive. You need to have the right hand-eye coordination skill to become a great FPS gamer. But aside from that, you also need to choose the weapons that can help you on the battlefield. Overpowering the enemy team using weapons will help you achieve higher ranks. Valorant’s exciting gunplay is what this game is all about.


Valorant top weapons
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The moment you hold a weapon and know how to use it, you already have the advantage. From the many arsenals available, choosing one can be a bit problematic. Especially since you only have limited funds in every round. Valorant restricts your ability to splurge on weapons and skills by giving you limited resources. It tests a player’s ability to strategize and adapt on the battlefield. But don’t worry, we have the list to make everything easier for you.

The Top Weapons to Use in Valorant

In the first round of the game, you will only have limited cash to purchase weapons, and you will only be able to buy a pistol. The secret is to disrupt the enemy opponents and save on money until you can upgrade. Once done, you are free to choose your weapons, as long as you have the budget.


Valorant weapon list
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You can start by buying Ghost. This is the best pistol and the cheapest one you can buy at the start of the round. It costs 500 credits and could one-shot enemies point-blank. Just be careful in firing it consecutively as it has a huge recoil.

Once you have enough money, you can choose the other primary weapons. It’s important to note what playstyle you want to do during a match. If you want to pick off enemies up-close, then you can go with the Spectre SMG. It’s a solid weapon for burst headshots and can kill off targets quickly. If you want to be in the thick of the fight, then the Vandal Assault Rifle is your best friend. This AR boasts excellent fire-rate and power, perfect for head-on firefights.

Lastly, if you want to keep your distance plucking enemies from afar, then get the Operator. This sniper rifle deals massive damage but also very expensive. Enemies hit by this bad boy, however, tend to go down in one shot. Now those are the best weapons to use in each category. You can test them out when you log back into the game. Just remember, despite all these awesome weapons, you’d also need to take your time getting familiar with them. Practice makes perfect, after all.