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Here’s what makes Candy Crush Saga’s most insane levels difficult


If you are to name free phenomenal games that have swept many nations overnight, Candy Crush Saga might be one of your top picks. Because, why not? The simple gameplay, thrilling levels, and sugar-coated challenges would make you crave for more. No wonder that it has achieved a lot since its release in 2012.

This sweet adventure also seems endless that people keep asking how many Candy Crush levels there are. To date, there is no official answer to this question, since King, the game developer, continuously adds new levels. But for the sake of discussion, there are now at least 6,140 levels. That’s a lot!


how many candy crush saga levels
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Some of its different levels are quite easy. They could be completed with pure, almost random, and “unthought-of” switching and matching of candies. However, a few would need more than sheer luck. You may need a bit of rethinking or strategizing to get past them. These are the levels where you will get stuck, maybe even feel hopeless. At this point, you will think that your journey will end there, and your Candy Crush Saga friends will finally surpass you.

But seriously, what makes these levels difficult? Well, we’ve analyzed and discussed the elements of the game’s earlier levels. This matter eventually made the gameplay more challenging than it already is. Read along to know what to expect and have better chances to surpass all levels! Before you continue reading, make sure you have played this game already. After all, Candy Crush Saga free download is available. Once you have already played a few stages, you’ll be able to relate to the challenges posed by these tricky levels.


Caution: Sky is not always the limit!

The switching and matching games start with levels that allow you to complete objectives with as many moves as you can. This thing provides you ample time to get past the learning curve of the game. However, the higher the level is, the more tricky situations will be. The most occurring obstacle that frustrates players turns out to be the limits on the number of moves. It appears as early as Level 33, where tiles should get cleared in only 17 steps! It teaches you to think before you swipe because every move could make or break you. This limit often comes with other challenging elements of the game. Thus, players always complete the levels with fewer steps possible, whether or not there is a limitation in the number of moves.

Difficult levels with this element: 33, 70, 76, 79, 97, 125, 130, 165, 377, 740


Candy Crush Saga Friends
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Blockers and bombs will bother you.

One at a time, you will encounter blockers that will make strategizing more complicated. The most common would be chocolate, licorice, and meringue. There are other versions of these blockers—gum, marmalade, swirls, candy bombs, and candy cannons. You would need to clear these on the board first before you could achieve your other objectives. Unfortunately, some of these, like the meringue, are multilayered and conceal jellies, which add another layer of complication. So don’t get deceived by these sweet names, because it could make your game sour, even bitter.

Then, you will have to go around the bombs that come and complicate the game even more. Bombs have a certain number of counts that range from one to any number. They could only get destroyed when matched with similar candy colors after it reaches 0. They sometimes are provided right off the bat, and there are instances it just randomly shows up. This tick-tocking game element could get you agitated.

Difficult levels with this element: 65, 70, 79, 97, 125, 147, 165, 181, 252, 350, 377, 410, 534


The Candy Crush Saga Jelly you want to get rid of

The most frequently occurring element of all in the Candy Crush Saga world would be the jellies. Its name does not sound as fun as it functions in the game. Once there are jellies, it means that you should double your efforts in matching similar candies. Jellies usually take more than one nearby match for it to explode, so you need to plan where your next games will form. Because many levels have it, objectives would involve the need to break them. So good luck!

Difficult levels with this element: 33, 70, 79, 125, 147, 350, 410, 740


You need to hit the score bull’s eye.

Another limit that you could work around as a player is a score. While high scores can be achieved with the use of unique candy combos, this score goal usually comes with other stringent objectives. Thus, some players think it’s hopeless to accomplish them all. Just keep the faith in your candies, and you’ll come around.

Difficult levels with this element: 97, 130, 147, 165, 252. 377, 534, 740


Find where the trail ends in Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Saga also introduced teleportation early on in the game. Here, portals make the candies go to a connected board. They usually appear on levels where the objective is dropping ingredients such as cherries and hazelnuts. It gets tricky when you don’t know where candies end up after matches or explosions. The essential tip here is to follow the sweets and find the endpoint.

Challenging levels with this element: 70, 76


Candy Crush Saga Jelly
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Messed-up order in Candy Crush Saga?

The last on this list of challenging gameplay elements is the candy order. You must make sure that your matches, moves, and clears on the board involve a specific number of a particular candy. So if you lack even just one piece of red sausage-shaped candy, you will fail that level and start again.

Challenging levels with this element: 165, 377


In general, the more objectives and jellies you have in a level, the more challenging it will be. Given that some levels are incredibly challenging than the rest, are there ways to beat it? Of course! But how? It’s clearly up to your strategy on a specific level. There are several things you need to consider, but here are some of the handy techniques you could use are:

  • Creating unique and striped candies;
  •  Planning your candy combos and color bombs;
  • Clearing blockers early on in the game;
  • Strategizing to avoid random and wasted moves; and
  • Stocking of lives

There you have it: the things that make the challenging Candy Crush Saga levels difficult. Now that you know what to expect, you hopefully would have fewer problems to encounter so you could surpass these levels. May the sugar rush be with you!