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Here’s How Fallout Shelter Online Differs from the Original Fallout Shelter


Haven’t heard about the Fallout Shelter sequel? Well, you might want to listen to some of the news about this game. Are you ready? Let’s dugout everything here now! Way back 2017, Gaea Mobile, in partnership with Bethesda Softworks, released Fallout Shelter Online.

This game is known to be the official sequel of Fallout Shelter. However, it only came out in China. Luckily, Gaea Mobile announced that Fallout Shelter would be back on March 2020. The English version will be released soon, and pre-registration is now open for selected countries.


Fallout Shelter Play
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Fallout Shelter Vs. Fallout Shelter Online

Let’s talk first about how the games are both alike with each other. The overall concept of the game remains the same. The role of the players is to be an overseer of the vault and take care of the community. But that doesn’t stop there for Fallout Shelter Online. In this game, you’ll experience new features like the new character gacha system, new quests, and even PVP battles.

In the character gacha system, you’ll have a rare hero once you spend a certain amount of currency earned through playing the game or purchasing money in real life. One of the few characters featured is Nick Valentine of Fallout 4. Moreover, you will venture new quests in different known locations in the Fallout Universe, including Red Rocket gas station and Diamond City.


Fallout Shelter Desktop
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Because the game is online, players can send their heroes on a battle against other player’s heroes as well. As you journey further into the game, you will still encounter the same enemies and creatures from the original game such as raiders, Super Mutants, and Deathclaws.

Now, the significant difference between the two is that Fallout Shelter Online gives out a special bond within the characters. This matter can ideally increase damage depending on how you combine them. Fallout Shelter Online in the English version will soon be available in Google Play and App Store. However, Pre-registration process is still ongoing.

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