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PUBG News & Guide – The Latest About The Game in 2021


When it comes to battle royale games, no title likely holds more importance than PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG. This is the game title that popularized the battle royale genre. It’s the title that inspired numerous battle royale games to be developed like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and more. The popularity of PUBG also inspired many developers to bring the game to mobile devices, hence Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and other titles became available.

But despite having more battle royale games available for people to play, PUBG remains popular. And one of the reasons for that is the game’s realistic gameplay. PUBG prefers to provide players with more real-world experience and simulates real physics and weapons, so the experience is more realistic.

Though PUBG is still popular, it doesn’t mean the developers are just relaxing. They’re still continuing to provide updates and new content to keep players interested. In this article, let’s discuss the latest about PUBG in the year 2021.

The Latest with PUBG in 2021: Update 12.2

The latest for PUBG is its update 12.2, which brings a new 8×8 map called Taego, according to an article from TechRadar. Aside from being a large map, Taego also provides new features that are unique to it. For one, there won’t be Red Zones anymore, so bombardment won’t be a problem here while you’re playing. Second, Taego also features flocks of birds that can provide an additional warning.

These birds will react to gunfire or people’s movements, just like in a real-world setting. This provides players with an added warning or alert if there’s an enemy nearby. This makes doing an ambush more difficult since birds are going to be scattered across the map, so you have to consider them when strategizing. The Taego map also comes with new gameplay mechanics to play, the Self AED and Comeback BR.


PUBG Taego map
Image Source: GTX 1050 Ti


The Self AED is an item that you can acquire on the map. It will allow you to revive yourself when you get killed. The Comeback BR will also allow players to get back in the game during the first Blue Zone phase. But this one requires that you, and other players who died, face off in a separate area called the Comeback Arena. The winner can come back during phase 3. New weapons and vehicles are also introduced, the Pony Coupe, MK12 DMR, and K2 Assault Rifle.

Prior to 12.2, the 12.1 updates also provided significant changes like the rework of Miramar, the ATV vehicle, and the new Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle. This rifle is armor-piercing, which means it’s very powerful and can easily kill opponents.

The Latest PUBG Mobile Update 1.5

For the PUBG Mobile title, the latest is update 1.5. The latest patch brings with it a new game mode, new weapons and adjustments, and new gameplay mechanics. The new game modes are Mission Ignition. Mission Ignition is a mode that’s brought by DynaHex. It will provide a technological transformation to the Erangel map to a more futuristic and technologically advanced location.

This means more dynamic elements to the gameplay, as well as unique vehicles and weapons. Tesla will also provide content for Mission Ignition in the form of a classic model of its vehicles. They’ll also provide a more autonomous driving experience, adding a new element to the PUBG Mobile gameplay. This game mode is available from July 9 up to September 6.


PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition screenshot
Image Source: Nemo


For the new weapons, there’s MG3 Light Machine Gun, which uses 7.62 mm ammo. It’s a weapon that’s available via the loot airdrop. The update also removed the M249 from the loot airdrop, making it spawn on the ground instead. The 1.5 update also introduces glass windows to the gameplay mechanics. They can be broken via melee attacks, climbing through windows, or gunfire.

When a glass is broken, it will make noise, which can alert nearby enemies. When broken, glass windows also won’t be restored, so that can signal that someone has entered or exited through the window. This adds another layer when you strategize or plan your next move. There are many more minor updates in PUBG Mobile, but the ones mentioned are the most important ones.

Final Thoughts

Despite the many different battle royale titles available, people still continue to play PUBG and its other titles like PUBG Mobile. They’re still a popular option for people who are looking for a battle royale experience. This is why the developers continue to provide updates and new content to keep people interested and coming back to the game. And most certainly, you can expect that this won’t be the last update you’ll get from these titles.