Crash Bandicoot Mobile: Official Release Date, News and Updates


Another classic game is getting a modern revamp! Crash Bandicoot Mobile is making a loud buzz in the gaming community. And on April 22, 2020, the game is on a limited beta-test release in Malaysia. The game was not known until February 2020, when 2 Twitter users exchanged what they discovered within certain advertisements.

News of the game sparked the interest of many long-time gamers, especially those who played Crash Bandicoot in the early PlayStation days. While awaiting for official news, speculations about the game ran wild. All these were finally put to an end when Crash Bandicoot Mobile was exclusively released in Malaysia last month. Now that some players have tried and experienced the game, we now have a general idea of what the game is going to be like.


Crash Bandicoot Mobile: How It Differs From its Predecessors  

Malaysian gamers who experienced the game firsthand have been very generous in sharing their thoughts about the game. Some of them even uploaded videos of the gameplay on Social Media and other video streaming platforms. From there, it is evident how different the game is compared to its predecessors. It’s more of a running game now, instead of just being an action and cart racing game (as it was before).


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However, this mobile game doesn’t completely stray from its multiverse. Of course, Crash, is still there. Many levels are also quite familiar (for those who have played Crash Bandicoot before). Turtle Woods, the Lost City, and Temple Ruins made it through this game as alternate paths. Crates remain vital elements too. Crash’s sister, Coco, and arch-nemesis, Dr. Neo Cortex, are also present.

Despite these similarities, it’s still too early to tell if this game would be as successful as its predecessors. What’s certain, though is that it’s well-received so far. Its release in Malaysia left fairly positive reviews and ratings in the Google Play Store.


New Features

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is classified as an endless running game. This is a new twist for the franchise. And like a typical endless running game, it involves passing through obstacles while continuously running a path. To control Crash, you must swipe to make him dodge, jump, go sideways, or collect Wumpa fruits. In other words, you wouldn’t just run, you must also jump, slide down, or spin to collect valuables and avoid obstacles. If you fail, you’d have to start over.

There are other things in store for you. Some levels have hidden paths that are awaiting to be explored. When we say levels, you don’t just run aimlessly (like other endless running games) – but you have to run to reach an endpoint to battle classic bosses: Mutagen Ant, Nitrus Bio, Dingodile, and Scorporilla! Their defeat allows you to advance. To help you survive, there are also power-ups and ingredients that lets you create bombs, rayguns, and serums. It’s not just plain running after all!


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Clear Your Storage for Crash Bandicoot Mobile Now!

While the game is still on a limited release, you still have plenty of time to get ready for Crash Bandicoot Mobile! Make sure your device is ready to accomodate the game. And while you are at it, you can watch gameplay videos that were generously shared by Malaysian gamers online.

If it is your first time hearing about this game, you can also acquaint yourself with the earlier versions of the franchise. However, this may not help you much in terms of gameplay because the new one is an endless running adventure, while the old ones are more of an action/racing game. Familiarizing yourself with the old Crash Bandicoot games will allow you to get a clearer view of the game’s characters, environment, and back stories. All in all, it will still prepare you for the mobile version!