Cut The Rope: Which Version is the Best?


In 2010, Zeptolab’s Cut The Rope enthralled young and old players alike. The goal of the game is to help Om Nom eat candies at every level. However, this sweet quest comes with a lot of challenges and obstacles. The player has to use the rules of physics and logic to help Om Nom succeed.

Due to the huge success of the first Cut The Rope game, many themed expansions and versions were subsequently released. In a span of 6 years, there have been 8 of these games, and all of which were critically acclaimed and positively accepted by fans. Finally in 2018, Cut The Rope has reached a billion downloads.

Now the question is, which Cut The Rope game in the whole series is the best? In this article, we’ll try to answer that question honestly. However, this does not include the My Om Nom spin-offs, level packs, and some special editions of the Cut the Rope series.


Cut The Rope (The Original)

As they say, nothing beats the original. When the first Cut The Rope game was released, it garnered several gaming awards. This includes recognitions from Pocket Gamer, GCD, and BAFTA. Needless to say, the original game certainly made a good impression among players and critics alike.

The interesting gameplay, outstanding graphics, and mind-bending puzzles we all love started with this one. Not to mention, this is where we first met Om Nom! Here, you get to learn the basics of the game. Aside from feeding Om Nom, you will be introduced to the elements in the game that would either help or prevent you from achieving the goal.


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Some of the helpful tools are gravity buttons, bubbles, air cushions, hooks, trampolines, and of course the ropes. Challenging elements would include blades, sparks, spikes, and spiders. We also learn the need to maneuver through the obstacles to collect stars and earn higher points. These elements recur throughout the rest of the series. Another good aspect of the game is its positive reinforcement. Players are always rewarded for their efforts, but are not punished when they fail.


Experiments (2011)

Less than a year later after the first Cut The Rope game was released, Cut the Rope: Experiments followed. It was still received well by fans who have been waiting for more. It comprises 3 sections with 25 levels each, totaling to 75 levels. The first section is some sort of boot camp or review of the previous game. However, its next two sections introduce new cool props – rope shooters and suction cups.


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Other than that, this is an identical twin to its predecessor. Cut the Rope: Experiments is more of like an expansion of the original game since it has the same formula, presentation, controls, and elements. However, the levels are more challenging and complicated compared to the first one. It also has a fun addition wherein players can get to know Om Nom more throughout the game.


Time Travel (2013)

In this installment, players welcome back Om Nom to a sweet time-travelling journey. Cut The Rope: Time Travel introduced new looks for Om Nom. He is sporting a new look every once in a while due to the new locations and timelines you could travel to. This game is a blast from the past, but players can also travel towards the future!


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For every level, you need to feed not just one but two Om Noms! The second hungry monster is his counterpart or ancestor in the period that you have traveled. Prepare to visit the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Stone Ages, or explore the Wild West of the Asian Dynasties! See Ancient Greece and Egypt like you’ve never seen before. You can also revisit the industrial revolution or jump into the future to see what lies ahead!

But this is not the only thing that complicates the gameplay. Aside from the usual props, there are new tricky techniques, mechanics and obstacles such as spinning blades, time stoppers, pulleys, and portals. The split-second timing also becomes handier in a lot of levels here. Clever puzzle-solving just got a new sphere with this game!


Cut The Rope 2 (2013)

Yes, the official Cut The Rope 2 was released in the same year as Time Travel. The sequel has the same formula of exciting candy-eating, puzzle-filled adventures. But this time there are new fanciful friends to accompany Om Nom in his seemingly never-ending quest for sweets.


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Some of Om Nom’s friends are Blue, Roto, Ginger, and Lick. You would meet them in various locations in Cut The Rope 2. This includes the fruit market, forest, sandy dam, junkyard, and even the underground. Each level features new landscapes that comes with unique tools and obstacles for the game.

There is also a storyline to follow. Om Nom, while traveling via hot air balloon, lost all his candies aboard. And he now needs your help to retrieve them. As a consolation, you’ll be following the story along the way as you help him eat. You can also dress him up and make him look even more charming!


Magic (2015)

The last in this series before the spin-offs were released is Cut the Rope: Magic. It still has the usual elements —puzzles, candies, props, and obstacles. But it also promised something else: a world full of magic (as the title says). Thankfully, the game did not disappoint. This installment showed us magical elements such as fairy dust and wizards who also love candies as much as Om Nom does.


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This time, the adventures are happening inside a story book. Yup, that’s where Om Nom has landed us this time. In this game, he could be shrinked or transformed into an animal. This magical sweet adventure will make it possible for Om Nom to grow cute wings and fly!


So Which Of Them is The Best?

Honestly, there is no one answer to that. It depends on your preference. But my advice is for you to start with the original game, especially since its successors are just spiced up versions of the original. If you notice, the games that come after the original still follow the same gameplay, mechanics, and controls.

The sequels just add up new levels with changes in complexity due to new tools, obstacles and environmental changes. They even introduce new aspects such as storyline and characters. Other than that, everything’s basically the same with the first Cut The Rope game. You’ll easily get the hang of the other versions when you first master the original one.