Legacy of Discord:Furious Wings Game Review


The list of cons of playing MMORPG goes on and on and on. Some will require a lot of your time as you will dive deep into the game’s mythology or lore. It can also sometimes feel a little bit repetitive or feel like you’re in standstill after sitting on top of the online chart, but Legacy of Discord is here to shut us all up. The game does have a lot of features that make it stand out among other MMORPG games in the market. To justify that, we’ll talk about some key features of this game that we loved since 2016.



The first time I played the game, I was surprised at the quality of graphics the game has. For a mobile game, it was quite impressive. The animation is seamless, loading screens are way too beautiful, and the illustrations are incredibly detailed. The overall graphics are spectacular, and it runs so smoothly on mobile devices.


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Most RPG games boast various character classes. However, Legacy of Discord kind of came in short in this regard. It only has three character classes option and gender-locked at that; a Sorceress, Berserker (Male), and Bladedancer (Male). The thing that kind of threw off a bit is the lack of modification. You’ll play the character as it is, but you get as you progress in the game, you’ll get various cool armors and accessories, so, I guess that’s okay.

Regarding character skills, Sorceress has significant AoE damage, which is very useful when you are swarmed with enemies. Unlike the other male classes, her defense is relatively low, but her crowd control ability is unlike any other. Bladedance has the most relaxed look of all, don’t fight me on this. He has impressive agility, although he isn’t that good in PvP but very useful in boss fights. Berserker is the one that you’ll want to fight for you in PvPs. His large armor and massive sword make him the most resistant.


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The controls are great and very straightforward. It offers ease of play. From the analog joystick on the lower left screen to every icon you see on the lower-right screen like the circle buttons for each skill and basic attack is self-explanatory. And when you feel like the missions are becoming too tedious and just wanna put your phone down to stretch or what’s not, there’s always the auto-attack option for you, which is nice, especially if you occasionally get hand cramps. This is a feature I never knew I needed until I played the game.


Various Game Modes


Legacy of Discord hosts various events for players to compete against each other, like Arena Zones and Clan Wars. Arena Zone shows global classification ranks; it’s a great event, especially for competitive players. It makes you want to compete every day to advance or take back the position that you lose.



What’s an MMORPG without its adventure mode, right? This game does not just exceed expectations in graphics and gameplay but also its storyline.


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This is a game that keeps on giving. Since its release back in 2016, it already has a lot of content to offer, but it keeps on expanding, which demands a lot of playing time, and we’re not complaining. Every time you level up and progress through the game, there will be areas that will be unlocked with added layers and challenges.


Legacy of Discord Verdict

There are a lot of MMORPG-games out there, but this one belongs to the top chart. Well, based on the points that I have mentioned above, it is safe to say that this game is one of the best games, although it is very underrated. I can say that not all players want to invest a lot of time in a game that threw them off of Legacy of Discord, but I have to say that if you do decide to invest in this game, it is gratifying. It has excellent graphics, zero glitches, runs smoothly on phones, great story and other content, easy game mechanics, and so on. So, what’s not to love?

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