Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Top 5 Picks This 2023


From Loud to Sound – Know how the quietest mechanical keyboard switches can help you! When talking about mechanical keyboards, there’s one word that best describes them – they are renowned for being LOUD. However, this type of keyboard suits any type of user, including gamers, and they are widely utilized due to their known quality.

Nowadays, many people are fond of the experience a mechanical keyboard can give. Hence, there are still users that are not totally fond of the loudness of this keyboard, especially when working late at night, and it can disturb people who are sleeping. Believe it or not, there is a remedy for your loud mechanical keyboard by equipping it with the quietest mechanical keyboard switches.

What are the Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

When we say keyboard switches, these are tiny mechanical devices seen beneath your keyboard’s keycaps, starting to press the keys. Sadly, the usual keyboards don’t have these switches, which makes them annoyingly loud every time you do a keystroke. But, you must be thankful for the quietest mechanical keyboard switches as you can turn your obnoxiously loud keyboard into something more sound yet amazing.

Generally, there are loads of silent keyboard switches available nowadays that can give you the utmost typing experience. But, to shorten your search time and determine which switches are worth your penny, let this list help you out. Here are the best quietest mechanical keyboard switches;

1. Gateron Silent (Red or Black)

Starting the list of the quietest mechanical keyboard switches is the Gateron Silent. Mainly, this brand offers loads of colors, but in terms of noiseless and smooth performance, you can rely on the linear switches in red and black colors. These switches are amazing because they are cost-effective and can suit everyone’s budget. However, the only disadvantage of Gateron switches is that they can only last for 50 million keystrokes.

Gateron Silent
Image Source: Gateron Silent Switch Set


2. Cherry MX Silent (Red or Black)

Following the Gateron Silent is the Cherry MX Silent, the classic mechanical switch brand up to date. Suppose you’re looking for the quietest mechanical keyboard switches. In that case, you can consider buying under this brand as they feature a smart sound-dampening insert attached to the switch stem, making them quieter, heavier, and deeper.

Cherry MX Silent
Image Source: Cherry MX Silent Switch Review

The only disadvantage of Cherry MX Silent is that it will feel quite “mushy” every time you do a keystroke. However, if you are a gamer or user who prefers silent keyboard switches that can offer you deep, smooth keystrokes, you can go for the Cherry MX Silent Black over the red ones.

3. ZealPC Healios

Securing the third spot on our list of the quietest mechanical keyboard switches is ZealPC Healios. Though the switches come in various weights, you’ll definitely feel satisfied with their sound and smooth features. Renowned as the silent linear switch of the brand, ZealPC Healios switches have a silencing bumper that dampens the up-stroke and bottoms out, giving you a quiet sound every time you press and release on the keyboard.

ZealPC Healios
Image Souce: ZealPC Switches

With these impressive sound and quality features, there’s no wonder that these switches are a little bit pricey but still deserve a spot in this list of quiet mechanical keyboard switches.

4. ZealPC Zilents V2

If you had fun with the features of the ZealPC Healios, you’d surely be more captivated by the ZealPC Zilents V2. If the Healious are the linear, the Zilents are the tactile ones. Like the Healios, Zilents have a huge smooth bump to give tactile feedback to the user. When using ZealPC Zilents V2, you’ll notice that you need to press harder to clear the bump every time you do a keystroke.

ZealPC Zilents V2

With that said, it doesn’t enable you to do “half-pressing” in each key. Like Healios, Zilents are also known to be pretty expensive and vary in terms of weight as well.

5. Matias Quiet Linear

Completing the list of the quietest mechanical keyboard switches is Matias Quiet Linear. This brand is suitable for users who court stenographers and wishes to achieve a silent keyboard during working. This switch has a spring with a distinctive design and resistance that you’ll notice every time you press the key.

Matias Quiet Linear
Image Source: Matias Quiet Linear

Above all the quietest mechanical keyboard switches stated in our list, Matias Quiet Linear doesn’t entirely offer a quiet experience; it provides a little bit of sound but is still acclaimed to be one of the quiet switches nowadays.

Try Other Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

As mentioned above, there are loads of available quiet mechanical keyboard switches in the market. Each brand and variety offers distinct pros that can give you a sound and amazing feeling. When buying switches, you must figure out two factors that will help you choose the right gaming keyboard switches. That’s about your priorities and their durability.

To extend your choices of the quietest mechanical keyboard switches, you can also consider opting for Kailh Deep Sea, Gazzew Boba U4, Kailh Box Muted Jade, Romer G, and many more. For more information and updates about Tech, stay in the loop here in PlayPC.

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