How Cheese Strategies Ruin the Competitive Spirit of FPS Gaming


Cheese strategies have long been a contentious issue in the world of first-person shooter (FPS) gaming. Some players see these tactics as a legitimate way to gain an advantage. Even though the majority consider it fair, I argue that it still undermines the competitive spirit in FPS gaming.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “cheese” refers to a strategy or tactic considered cheap, unskilled, or simply unfair. These tactics are often used to gain an advantage over opponents quickly and easily, without requiring much skill or strategy. In FPS games, cheese strategies can include camping, spawn killing, and using overpowered weapons or glitches. While this is not considered a form of cheating, it shows how deviation destroys the value of engagement.

In this editorial article, let’s explore how cheese strategies are ruining the experience of competitive FPS gaming. I also encourage players and game developers to address this issue. That’s because, whether you’re a seasoned FPS player or a newcomer, the prevalence of cheese strategies affects the entire community.

Why do Players Resort to Cheese Strategies?

Some players employ cheese strategies as a quick and easy way to win. In FPS games, cheese strategies are often used to gain an advantage over opponents even if the player lacks the skills. This could include camping in a certain area or using an overpowered weapon that takes little skill to use effectively. Additionally, some players may use cheese strategies to break the metagame.
Arguably, the cheese strategy is the most effective strategy used by players in games. By utilizing them, players can gain an advantage over opponents that have not yet adapted to new gameplay tactics.

Bind Cheese Wallbang in Valorant
Image Featured: Bind Cheese Wallbang in Valorant

However, cheese strategies are often seen as unsportsmanlike behavior, as they prioritize winning without engaging in fair play. When players use cheese strategies, they rob their opponents of the opportunity to win and for them to learn and grow as players. They are also reducing the overall enjoyment of the game playing. Additionally, the use of cheese strategies creates an unbalanced playing field, as some players are using tactics available to others.

How Does ‘Cheesing’ Affect the Gameplay Experience of Players

Let’s address some concerns about how cheesing affects the overall gameplay experience of players.

Prioritizing Winning Without Fair Play is Unethical

Cheese strategies prioritize winning over engagement, which can be detrimental to FPS gaming’s competitive spirit. Cheese strategies are used by players who want to win quickly without relying on their skills, strategy, or teamwork. This can lead to a lack of engagement and a decrease in overall game enjoyment. Furthermore, when players employ cheese strategies, they frequently deprive themselves and their opponents of the opportunity to enjoy the game.

There are numerous examples of games that have been infested with cheese strategies. One example is Call of Duty, which has been criticized for its overpowered weapons and camping tactics. For these cases, I suggest that the game developers create a fair and balanced playing field for all players. This could include implementing engagement measures and balancing weapons and abilities. They should also enforce strict rules against unsportsmanlike behavior. Or better, players should avoid using cheese strategies altogether.

Overpass Cheese in CSGO
Image Featured: A sign prohibiting Overpass Cheese in CSGO


It Leads to a Lack of Depth in the Gameplay

If cheese strategies become the norm in FPS gaming, the gameplay may lack depth. When players use the same tactics over and over, the game loses its variety and excitement. It also gives rise to the most annoying strategies that are evolving over time. This can result in a drop in overall player interest as the game becomes less appealing to play.

Furthermore, if cheese strategies become widely used, it may create a barrier for new players. When they are consistently beaten by players who use cheese strategies, these players may feel disadvantaged. It will cause a feeling of injustice as there is a prescribed rule of engagement on how to win the game. Deviations that are not fully understood will give feelings of resentment to those players who play fairly.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Image Source: Gamers Glossary – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


It Lends No Value to Respect – Unlike What a Sport Should Be

When winning takes precedence over gameplay engagement, it is disrespectful to the game. This is especially true in FPS gaming, where the competitive spirit must be maintained at all times. In single-player games, cheesing is considered a shortcut to maximize strategy in a minimum amount of time.

But “taking this into the competitive aspect reveals an unfair edge”. These are the honest thoughts of a gamer and critic from Nintendolife. Players who use cheese strategies prioritize winning over fair play, and are disrespectful to their opponents and the game itself. Furthermore, the player reiterates that he wouldn’t dream of ‘cheesing’ on games like Smash Bros or Mario Kart unless he would want to lose his friends.

To justify this further, I would like to take CS GO maps as an example. As the gameplay engagement revolves around a certain area on the map, it measures an equalized skill. However, one can derail that engagement by hiding in one corner until the game is over. One example of this is a well-known CSGO player who positioned himself above a high structure and then subtly shot at the opposing team. It could be a good frag, but undeniably by a strategy that is not fair. Fortunately for that cheese, the result of the match was forfeited.

Perish or Prevail Cheese Strategy
Image Source: CSGO – Perish or Prevail on YouTube

One responsibility of the FPS gaming community is to uphold the values of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play. When players use cheese strategies, it undermines these values and reduces the overall quality of the gameplay experience.

The competitive spirit of FPS gaming should prioritize fair play and skill-based competition. Cheesing is bad because it only takes easy steps to win without immersing in the correct gameplay standards. Gameplays without cheesing are where players can learn, grow, and improve their true abilities.

So, What Can Be Suggested?

There are a few suggestions to consider to address the issue of cheese strategies in FPS gaming.

1. Firstly, game developers should create FPS games that are less susceptible to cheese strategies. This could involve creating a more balanced game that rewards players for using a variety of tactics. This is better than relying on a single overpowered strategy.

2. Secondly, players themselves can work to take a stand against cheese strategies. They should report unsportsmanlike behavior to game developers and avoid using cheese strategies themselves in their gameplay.

3. Thirdly, the competitive FPS gaming community can take a stand against cheese strategies. This is by promoting positive behaviors among players and enforcing strict penalties for players that engage in unsportsmanlike behavior. This can involve creating rules and guidelines that prohibit cheese strategies and promote positive behaviors among players.

Thus, by working together in avoiding cheese strategies, the gaming community can create a more competitive spirit among gamers rooted in fairness, respect, and fun.


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