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Best Pokémon Abilities – The Most Powerful Abilities


One of the things that make Pokémon fun is the different abilities that each Pokémon have. These abilities are awesome and are exciting to see them in action. Not all abilities though are created equal. The Pokémon abilities list is littered with cool and awesome moves as well as so-so ones. And it’s also worth noting that an ability that looks so-so might be very effective while a great-looking ability is not usually effective. In this article, we’ll look at the best Pokémon abilities.

We’ll look at the Pokémon hidden abilities that are very useful in battle and see what makes them a good ability to use.

The Best Pokémon Abilities that are Useful in Battle

There are many different Pokémon abilities available. But not all of them are useful and in this section, we’ll discuss the most useful Pokémon abilities and what makes them useful.

1. Intimidate

One of the best Pokémon abilities that you can use is Intimidate. When a Pokémon that has this ability enters the battle, opposing Pokemon will have their attacks reduced by one stage. It’s a great ability to have in any team because of the automatic attack debuff it provides just for switching into battle. It can be a big lifesaver in many situations since it will effectively reduce the opponent’s damage for one stage. It’s a very useful ability and many Pokémon have it, including Gyarados, Shinx, Arbok, Mawile, and more.

Gyarados intimidate
Image Source: Gyarados Raid Guide


2. Wonder Guard

Another very useful ability to have is Wonder Guard. It’s an ability that makes the Pokémon immune to all damaging moves that are not super effective. It’s a very OP move since your opponent’s Pokémon will need to have an attack that can deal 2x damage to the Pokémon. That’s not easy to achieve, which means many abilities or attacks become useless. The only reason this ability is not number one is because Shedinja is the only one who has it. This move is why the Pokémon’s 1HP is not an issue during battle.

Shedinja wonder guard
Image Source: Shedinja Overpowered


3. Protean/Libero

Another one of the best Pokémon abilities is Protean. It’s an ability where a Pokémon will change its Type to the same type of the move that it will use. It means your Pokémon will get the STAB effect (50% damage boost applied on the move) when it uses a move. This Pokémon’s hidden ability is huge because of the damage move it can provide. But can only be used once per switch-in. Protean is a hidden ability of Geninja, and Floragato among others. A similar move is Libero, which Cinderace, Scorbunny, and Raboot use.

Greninja protean
Image Source: Ash’s Greninja


4. Good As Gold

If you’re struggling with status moves and conditions, the Gholdengo’s Good As Gold ability will be useful. It’s a move that makes the Pokémon immune to status conditions. It means this Pokémon can’t be affected by any move that will inflict these conditions. It’s another useful ability since status conditions can make or break many battles in Pokémon. Having a Pokémon immune to these status conditions will be a great counter.

Gholdengo good as gold
Image Source: How to Evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo


5. Huge Power/Pure Power

If it’s raw power that you want, then the best Pokémon ability for that is Huge Power. It’s an ability that doubles the Pokémon’s attack stat. This is a good counter to Wonder Guard since it will allow your Pokémon to deal a super effective attack. It’s a move that makes Pokémon like Mawile a powerhouse. Several Pokémon can use this ability, which includes Medicham (who uses the similar move Pure Power).

mawile huge power
Image Source: Mawile In-Progress


6. Guts

Another great defensive Pokémon ability is Guts. It increases the Pokémon’s attack stat by 50% if it’s inflicted with a non-volatile status condition. The only exception is the Frozen condition. What’s great about this stat is that your Pokémon is not affected by the decrease in attack stat that the Burn status provides. It’s a great defensive ability and the offensive ability for physical attackers. Pokémon who use this include Machamp, Herarcross, and Usaring among others.

Machamp guts
Image Source: Machamp Best Attacks


7. Speed Boost

If you want to always have the ability to make a move first, then the Speed Boost ability is useful. It will increase the speed of the Pokémon by one stage at every turn. It effectively allows you to make a move first unless your opponent has a Quick Attack ability. It’s a useful ability since it will allow you to take down your opponent before he/she can even set up her Pokémon’s moves. Mega Blaziken is one of the Pokémon who benefited greatly from it, especially in combination with its high attack.

Mega Blaziken speed boost
Image Source: Mega Blaziken Wallpaper


8. Poison Heal

Poison is an annoying status condition to deal with. But with the Poison Heal ability, you won’t have to worry about it. It’s an ability that will restore 1/8th of your Pokémon’s maximum HP every turn you are poisoned. So, instead of losing health, you’re healing. What’s even better is that when you’re poisoned, you become immune to other status conditions. You won’t have to worry about being affected by burn, paralysis, freeze, etc. when you’re poisoned. It’s an ability that Breloom, Shroomish, and Gliscor possess.

breloom poison heal
Image Source: Breloom Raid Guide


9. Levitate

An ability that will allow you to be immune to ground-type moves is Levitate. The only exception here is the Thousand Arrows move. It’s a great and underrated defensive ability to have. It sounds simple yet very useful, especially for Pokémon who are weak to ground-type attacks. Electric Pokémon, who are usually weak against ground moves will benefit greatly from this ability.

Tynamo levitate
Image Source: How to Evolve Tynamo


10. Magic Guard

Last, but certainly not least, is Magic Guard. It’s a Pokémon ability that negates all indirect damage. It means your Pokémon becomes immune to all status condition moves that drain your HP. The only damage your Pokémon can receive is direct. It’s a useful ability that limits the effective moves your opponent can use. This ability also allows you to equip the Life Orb item to your Pokémon. It will boost the power of the Pokémon’s moves but at the cost of taking damage. But with this ability, you don’t take damage. Clefable and Alakazam have this ability.

Clefable magic guard
Image Source: Clefable


There are many Best Pokémon Abilities Available

The Pokémon abilities listed in this article are some of the best ones you can use. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t more great and useful abilities out there. With thousands of Pokémon already, there are also thousands of different abilities available. A lot of them are very useful in many battle situations. But if you’re looking for the best, you start with this Pokémon abilities list.

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