Cooking Mama: Cookstar | What Went Wrong?


Uh oh, something’s not right with the first Cooking Mama game for Nintendo Switch… And it certainly disappointed thousands of long-time Cooking Mama fans as well.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar was pulled out from the Nintendo Switch eShop. It happened in just less than a week after its official release. Apparently, this is due to the huge backlash from users – and the legal troubles that surrounds the game.

Controversies about copyright infringement and cryptocurrency-mining schemes are circulating. According to reports, Office Create Corp. (rights holder of Cooking Mama) is seeking legal action against Planet Entertainment (publisher)  for breach of contract. Although the dispute is still ongoing, two things remained true. One, that the game is evidently a flop. And two, players generally agree that Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook is better than Cookstar. Read on to know why.


Difficult Motion Controls

This is one of the top reasons why a lot of fans express their disappointment with the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Its dock mode is barely functional. The motion control is really difficult. Players report that their motions are not registered properly, and it makes the game very frustrating.

Specifically, if your motion is too subtle, the game can’t pick up the input. But if your motion is too harsh, you might end up getting punished due to excessive response rate. So to maneuver the game well, you have to find a specific balance. Unsurprisingly, this frustrated a lot of players. Obviously, poor motion controls can ruin any game.

Players however report that the game works fine using the handheld mode. However, if using handheld mode is more optimal than dock mode, then why even bother playing Cooking Mama on Nintendo Switch?


Cooking Mama: Cookstar Has Redundant Recipes

Another aspect which was pretty disappointing among fans is that the recipes in Cooking Mama: Cookstar are basically the same ones with that of the original version. This was a letdown for fans of the game who were expecting fun new exciting things and challenges from the game. New players of the game might not be able to tell the difference, so there’s that. However, since these recipes are fairly easy to follow, even these new players would get bored with the game pretty quickly.


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Mama’s New Voice is Cringey

Another major letdown is Mama’s new voice. Unlike the previous versions where Mama is quite the talker (and nagger), the developers have decided to change it for this version. In the previous Cooking Mama games, players can hear Mama talking and nagging. It may be quite annoying and cringey, but it did add a unique charm to the game. However, in Cookstar, the voice lacks charm and sincerity compared to the original one.


Cryptocurrency Scheme?

Some reports suggest that the game is integrated with a huge cryptocurrency scheme because it uses blockchain technology. While these may seem to be unfounded allegations, using blockchain technology is not really a big deal. Although it is the main system used for cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), it can also be used for other purposes (like in banking, security, and finance).


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Cooking Mama: Cookstar – A Flop?

The game’s abysmal features, recycled content, and difficult dock mode controls made it a total flop. Needless to say, it did not live up to the hype. It was a huge disappointment – especially for long-time fans of Cooking Mama. Taking down the game from the Nintendo eShop is the only right thing to do. It seems that the developers and publishers should go back to the drawing board with this one. That is, if they can still settle their legal troubles.