Dynasty Warriors 9: Why Fans Either Love or Hate It


Long-time critics of Dynasty Warriors have been adamant that the game is just a plain hack and slash cash grab, and there’s nothing more to it. Hardcore fans would always come to its defense and say that Dynasty Warriors is more than just a hack and slash game. Reasoning that it has good cinematics and involves strategic planning as well. True Dynasty Warriors fans, however, have long been asking for something new for the game. Something more exciting and intense that will spice up the game series even more. Fortunately, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force answered this call. But when Dynasty Warriors 9 was finally released, it garnered mixed reviews. The fan base itself is now divided—but why?


Why Fans Hate Dynasty Warriors 9

The number one reason why Dynasty Warriors 9 failed players—especially their fanbase, is its new open-world system. Technically, open-world gameplay is not that bad. Many successful games have an open-world system, and it would seem to work for Dynasty Warriors too.


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Well, everything sounds good until you see the game at work. Fans of the game complain that the new open-world system just made the game dragging. In their attempt at an open-world system, Dynasty Warriors 9 just falls flat.

Another setback is the cringe-worthy voice acting which makes fans question the production of the game. It was so bad that fans wonder if the voice actors knew their roles. And there are also confusing quests—players could fail a mission just because a major character died on the other side of the map.

But what about the incredible cinematics that the franchise is known for? Well, that turned out to be a disappointment as well. Dynasty Warriors 9 has its characters just stand around and do dialogues. Many fans just skip the cutscenes because it was dragging and too tiring to watch.


What Fans Love About Dynasty Warriors 9

Despite numerous blunders, fans still have some good things to say about the game. One of the things that made the game tolerable is the unique storyline of each of the characters. Some may find it tiresome, but having access to multiple standpoints in the game is good.

Fans who like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and those who have a favorite character in the game series, will especially enjoy the new storylines. Although, for a completionist, this may be burdensome since there are 90 playable characters in all, but it’s worth it if you’re here for the story.


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The brand new combat system is also another notable thing that players love about the game. In previous installments, it was just a two-button combo but this time, there are three new types of attacks along with the Musou attack: Flow Attacks, Reactive Attacks, and Trigger Attacks. These are best used as a combination of attacks towards an enemy.

With the new types of attacks, the former two-button combo turned into a five-button combo. Players may need some adjustment, especially those who are used to simpler form of attacks, but it’s nothing to fret about.



Although it is commendable that Koei Tecmo and Omega Force tried to respond to the pleas of fans and created something new for Dynasty Warriors 9, we still cannot deny that the end product was not what fans wanted or expected. Along with that, the never-ending critics of the franchise are always eager to prove their point. If you want to decide for yourself, there’s only one way—and that’s by playing the game itself!