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Rumbleverse Game – A Simple yet Epic Guide for Newbies


There are many incredible battle royal games today, and one of them that has hit the scenes is Rumbleverse. Developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games Publishing, it offers an action-packed brawler gameplay. What’s unique and interesting about this battle royale game is that players don’t get to use guns. That’s right, there are no guns or other forms of firearms. Therefore, players will need to rely on their character’s fists to become the only survivor.

There will still be weapons available, but they’re melee weapons only. Additionally, players must learn special martial arts moves to use during the battle. It provides a unique dynamic to the survival game, which can make it difficult for beginners to play and do well. Thankfully, we have curated a Rumbleverse game guide for players to use.

Rumbleverse Gameplay

Before we get into the tips part, let’s first talk about the gameplay of Rumbleverse. This multiplayer game is similar to that of a typical battle royale game where players will go to an island and brawl it out. The objective is to be the last one standing among the 40 players. As mentioned above, though, there won’t be any guns or other forms of firearms here. There will still be weapons, but it will be melee weapons like bats, chairs, etc.

There are also boxes that players can pick up. Crates or boxes can contain potions to increase health, stamina, and melee damage. Inside the boxes are also magazines, which will allow players to learn special moves and takedowns they can use. However, players can only use ten potions per match. Furthermore, the area will shrink over time and players need to stay within the circle. Once a player is outside a timer will start beginning at 10. Once it reaches 0, players outside are disqualified.

Beginner Tips to Playing the Rumbleverse Game

Let’s now discuss some tips on how you can properly play Rumbleverse. The tips provided here won’t guarantee wins. But it can help you survive a little.

Land Far Away from Other Players

One of the first things you need to do is to land as far away as possible from other players. It’s just the basics of a battle royale game. As a beginner, you need to avoid engaging early on since you’re still in the process of learning the game. You want to have an advantage, and to do that, you need to learn some moves first and increase your stats. Therefore, it’s the first thing you should do.

And the best way to do that with minimal engagement is to land in an area as far away as possible from other players. Usually, the areas where there are fewer buildings or the outskirts are the areas players won’t land. Try targeting these areas in the beginning, so you’ll have fewer chances of engagement. You can focus more on fighting once you’re confident playing the game and engaging enemies.

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Image Source: Rumbleverse Gameplay


Always Look for Crates/Boxes

The most important loot in Rumbleverse are crates. It’s where you’ll get magazines to learn moves, as well as potions to increase stats. There are three types of regular crates, silver crates, and gold crates. It’s easier to find regular crates and gold ones are the hardest. The gold crates will contain more rare items, so always try to look for them whenever possible.

Don’t ignore other crates, as they can still be useful. Just prioritize gold crates when you see them. Keep in mind, though, that all players will also go for these gold crates. So, if you see one, there’s a possibility you might engage in a fight for it first.

rumbleverse magazines
Image Source: Magazines of Special Moves


Focus on Stat Items

The magazines might seem like the best item to try and acquire. The main reason is it allows you to learn new moves during the battle. They’re great and all, but what’s more important is increasing your stats. Each potion will increase one of the three stats available. And mentioned beforehand is that there’s a limit to how many potions you can use per match. You can choose to focus on one stat or stagger it to make you more balanced. So you must decide on what to do. It will likely depend on your strategy or the kind of stats you acquire as you explore.

Don’t Forget about the Brawling Abilities

Though stat items are more important, you should at least acquire moves or abilities to help you fight. The game will allow you to equip up to two moves to use. Though you’ll have access to the basics like punch, grab, shield, and dodge, having these brawling abilities will help you a lot in battle. Take note, that your brawling ability will be tied to your stamina.

Don’t worry about equipping abilities, even if they’re not that good yet. Swap them whenever you want if needed. Abilities are acquired from colored magazines that you find in crates or lying around on the map.

Healing Chicken & Melee Weapons are Important

There aren’t any guns, but there are still melee weapons you can pick up. A melee weapon can deal extra damage, so picking them up whenever you can provides you with an advantage. They’re just lying around on the map, so it’s easy to find them. Aside from weapons, you should also pick up and store healing chickens. It’s how you’ll heal in the game, so it’s important to pick them up and store them for future needs.

rumbleverse melee weapon


Learn about the Power Advantages

The last important tip about Rumbleverse that beginners need to know are the power advantages. It’s a very tricky aspect of the game, as this usually determines who will win in an engagement or not. During a fight, it’s going to be a battle of attack and abilities. The one with the stronger power in their attack and abilities is usually the one who will win.

Using a weapon will also give you an advantage even if your opponent attacks with higher melee damage. There are many more nuances to the power advantage, which you’ll figure out as you keep on playing.

End Thoughts about the Rumbleverse Game

There are many more tips that can help your gameplay in Rumbleverse, but the ones listed here will already help you survive more in matches. Make sure to come back here whenever you need some tricks to become the winner in your battles. But for more guides like this one, make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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