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Valheim Beginner’s Guide – How To Get Started Properly


One of the best survival games that you can play right now is Valheim, a game developed by Iron Gate AB. It’s an online multiplayer game set in the world of the Vikings where your goal is survival. This would require you to gather resources, build shelters, and even craft tools and weapons you’ll use. The weapons will be needed since there will be plenty of combat.

It’s a difficult game, especially in the beginning where you’re still figuring out what to do. This is why this game can also be a bit harder to get started and progress, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. But you don’t have to worry about that since we’ll discuss in this article some tips on how you can get started properly in Valheim.

Gathering Supplies Should be Done Immediately

In a game of survival, supplies and resources will be the most important thing you’ll need right away. Even without any tools, you’ll still be able to gather wood and stone. Once you have them, you can start crafting tools and weapons. Just look for small trees and then just punch it out and gather the fallen branches for your wood.

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For stones, just look for black-colored rocks, which are fairly easy to find. Once you have enough, you can craft tools. These tools make it easier for you to gather more supplies and resources. Once you have tools, one of the best ways to gather a lot of wood is by destroying old buildings. As you explore the map, you’ll stumble upon these old shelters, so use your crafting hammer to destroy these shelters from the inside.

Always Use Map Markers

When you start playing Valheim, it’s easy to get lost whenever you’re exploring. It’s also going to be hard to remember every important place that you’ve visited. Fortunately, the survival game features a map marker to help you remember or identify certain locations. This can be helpful when you’re exploring a new area so you won’t get lost. To do this, just press M on your keyboard to open the world map.

From there, you’ll see 5 different icons that you can use to mark certain locations on the map. Just click the icon and then double click on the area on the map where you want to place the icon. Once placed, you can name the market. This is very helpful so you can easily visit areas that you want to come back to.

Don’t Forget to Build Your Spawn Point

A spawn point is an area where your character will appear again when you reload the world or when you die. A good location for the spawn point would be your base. If you happen to have multiple bases scattered everywhere, just pick the best one that you have. It’s important you pick wisely since you can only have 1 spawn point as of the moment. To create a spawn point, just build a bed and campfire on your base. Once you’re done, your character will always spawn back in that area whenever you die or reload the game.

Always Keep your Gear in Tip-Top Shape

It’s important to note that your tools and weapons will get damaged or lose durability over time. Fortunately, you can always repair them in Valheim and the great thing about that is there won’t be a resource cost for it. That’s right, it’s currently free to repair your tools and weapons, so make sure you always hit that repair button whenever you visit your workbench. This ensures all your gear is in tip-top shape. This will also help you avoid experiencing your gear breaking down while you’re fighting or out exploring.

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Use A Raft When Crossing Large Bodies of Water

It’s important to remember not to attempt swimming when crossing large bodies of water. Your character has stamina and swimming uses it. If you happen to run out of stamina while in the middle of the river or sea, then you’ll start taking damage and eventually die of drowning. If you come across a large body of water, it’s best to use a boat or raft to get across.

When you sail, you need to use the WSAD buttons on your keyboard. While at the raft, just look for the prompt to use the rudder and then press E. When you press W, you’ll move forward and will take you to three speeds available, Slow, Medium, and Fast. When you press S, it will cycle back down in speed, slowing down your raft. The buttons A and D are what you use for turning left and right.

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Increase Your Carry Weight

As you explore in Valheim, one common issue you’ll likely encounter is running out of inventory space. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t currently have any way for you to increase inventory space. But, you can increase the carry weight from 300 to 450, allowing you to carry heavier items in the process. You just need to purchase the Megingjord item at Haldor the Merchant for 950 Gold Coins.

Defeat the First Boss to Craft A Pickaxe

The pickaxe is an important item in most survival games since it’s used for many things. This is also true in Valheim. But to craft a pickaxe, you need to acquire all the items needed. You can get these materials by defeating the first boss in the game, Eikthyr. He is not a difficult boss to defeat, but since he is still a boss monster, you still need to prepare.

Make sure you’re fully equipped with armor, shield, and weapon. Leather armor and shield are recommended here. As for the weapon, a flint axe or knife will do. Once you’re ready, you can easily defeat Eikthyr. After defeating him, you’ll acquire the materials you can use for your first pickaxe, the Antler Pickaxe.

Valheim is a fun and exciting survival game to play. Though it can be difficult to get started properly, the tips provided here in this article will help you greatly.