Marvel Avengers Spider-man cover

Marvel’s Avengers DLC – Spider-Man Joins The Fight


Marvel’s Avengers is a fun and exciting role-playing game that many people enjoy playing. Like with many role-playing games out there, the developers continue to add DLC for the game. This provides added elements and new features for players to enjoy.

The latest DLC for this RPG will be a popular and familiar hero joining the fight. And that hero is none other than your friendly neighborhood spider, Spider-Man. That’s right, Spider-Man will now join Marvel’s Avengers as he is shown off in the latest DLC trailer. But what can you expect about the popular web-slinger when he joins the game? Find out more here.

The Spider-Man Showcase in Marvel’s Avengers

Spider-Man coming to Marvel’s Avengers is not new since the character was already announced prior to the game’s launching in 2020. But nobody expected it would take more than 1 year before the popular superhero becomes available. Well, the wait is finally over now since the web-slinger is officially joining as confirmed in the latest DLC trailer. The trailer didn’t really provide any gameplay videos since it’s mostly cinematics.

But it did showcase what you can likely expect from Spider-Man once he becomes available and you can play him. You got to see some of his acrobatic moves while fighting, as well as how he uses his web. Though this is not an indication of what his gameplay will be, it still gives you an idea of what to expect. The cinematic trailer shows Peter Parker ambushing a group of A.I.M. soldiers.

He is then joined by the other Avengers. Spider-Man will be the 9th playable character in the RPG and he is due to become available on November 30, 2021 on the PlayStation version of the game. The arrival of Spider-Man will come with the “With Great Power” event of Marvel’s Avengers.

Spider-Man to Come with Many Different Suits

Another thing that you can expect with Spider-Man when he finally becomes available is his different suits. That’s right, it seems Crystal Dynamics won’t just release Spider-Man with his original red and blue spider suit. The popular character will also have a slew of different suits that you can acquire and equip him with. There are currently 7 different suits that were revealed for the web-slinger.


Marvel Spider-man new suit
Image Source: Square Enix


Among them includes the Spider Armor Mark I suit, the Spider-Man Noir suit, the Secret War suit, and many more. There’s even the Bugle Boy suit, which dresses spider man in jeans, a blue folded polo with a red sweater on top, and his Spider-Man mask. Crystal Dynamics revealed, though, that these suits are just “some” of the final designs. They will reveal more about them on the social media channels of the Avengers in the period before Spider-Man becomes available.

This means that there could likely be some changes along the way. They could reveal more suits to come or eliminate some of the ones that they already revealed. Either way, this is an exciting development since you won’t just get the popular superhero, but there will likely be different suits available for you to acquire and use in the game.

Final Thoughts

Spider-Man has been teased for a while, even before Marvel’s Avengers officially launched. Though it took quite a while for the hero to become available, he is finally here. And what’s great is that he will be arriving with several suits as well that you can acquire and use on him in the RPG. Though there weren’t any videos of his gameplay yet, we can likely expect more updates to come.

Crystal Dynamics will likely provide gameplay footage within the period before the web-slinger becomes available. Let’s just wait for more updates. But for now, this is already an exciting development.