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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – What Players Are Expecting


The Mass Effect (ME) trilogy has to be one of the best sci-fi games to ever come out during the 2010s. To many fans, it’s bigger and better than Star Wars. While the concluding act in the 3rd game may have brought the community into a divisive state, everyone has united once again just in time for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Finally, a game where we can stop getting bothered over Andromeda. Here are some of our wishes in the remastered edition this May 2021.

Better Visuals, Better Everything

Make no mistake, the graphics of the first Mass Effect game on the Xbox 360 back in 2007 was superb. The textures on the faces, as well as the presentation of every world, were just really jaw-dropping.

However, we are talking about a remaster here and this is going to the Xbox Series X and the PS5 as well. That means a major overhaul on the shaders, volumetric lighting, ambiance, textures, and small details. Certainly, we’ll experience better sound scoring and design too. ME2 and 3 had some of the most satisfying sounds in sci-fi combat and I hope they’ll eliminate the rather muffled sounds of the first game.

No More Long Elevator Rides

The first Mass Effect may be a memorable game, but it certainly has so many flaws compared to ME2, ME3, and even Andromeda. While players love the Citadel, the long elevator rides get cumbersome. The only thing that made it worth going there is the news you hear based on previous missions as well as small talks between party members. Hopefully, the elevator ride is going to get eliminated faster than Reapers take over the planet. Let’s also hope they’d put small dialogues and news on a more accessible segment in the remaster.

Smoother and Better Controls

Playing the game on the console may arguably be the best way since the PC controls have always been so stiff. That’s true for all three games. Fortunately, we’ll see some quality of life changes in the remaster.


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More Romance Options

Mass Effect does not shy away when it comes to intimate encounters with NPCs. The 3rd game may not have brought justice to certain characters that you have romanced in the 2nd game, but let’s hope they will give justice to the party members-turned-NPC on ME3. Miranda and Jack simps know what I’m talking about.

Skipping Mako Driving and Mining

Remember how empty it felt when you were driving the Mako and how tedious the mining was? It’s more likely that there could be an option to skip these segments. Not entirely remove; just skip.

Better Endings

Many will agree that Mass Effect ended on a sour note where players only had 3 options (4 if you had the director’s cut). While the chances are low, this could be a redeeming moment for Bioware to win the fans’ love back by adding more endings. It doesn’t have to be the originally planned 47 endings, but having more consequences will be enough to let the fans finally live peacefully.

Bioware’s Moment to Shine

Nobody liked how Anthem worked out so this may be Bioware’s final shot in getting back up from the flop. The last time they did things right was Dragon Age Inquisition, and that was still back in 2014. Fans, however, are hopeful that they’ll get this remaster right.