Fortnite Chapter 3 Goes Live with Spider-Man & New Weapons


Fortnite Chapter 3 has finally arrived and it boasts new skins, weapons, and other exciting items that fans should definitely check out. With that said, we are going to take a quick overview of some of the most notable weapons and items that landed in the game. So without further ado, let’s take a quick dive into the latest chapter of Fortnite.

New Weapons

Weapons are hands down, one of the most important pieces of equipment in Fortnite. With that said, the new chapter brings seven new weapons into the fray. Check out the descriptions of each weapon below.

MK-7 Assault Rifle

The MK-7 Assault Rifle is one of the weapons in the game that uses the same aesthetic as The Seven, boasting the iconic red and blue color scheme. It’s also the first weapon that does not use a scope when used in the first-person perspective. This weapon deals 21 to 25 damage per shot and uses medium ammo. This is a fast-firing fully automatic rifle.

Ranger Assault Rifle

In contrast with the MK-7 Assault rifle is the slow-firing Ranger Assault Rifle. Like most weapons, the slow-firing attribute of this rifle is compensated with more damage and larger bloom. Speaking of damage, this weapon can dish out 30 to 36 damage per shot. A rare version of this weapon is dropped by the Seven Sentries.

Striker Pump Shotgun

The Striker Pump Shotgun is another new slow-firing weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. This devastating weapon can dish out 86 to 106 damage per shot. The striker pump shotgun also fires a 10-pellet spread when hip firing. The rare, epic, and legendary versions of this weapon are acquired through the fishing hole.

Auto Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun, as the name implies, is a fast-firing weapon with a medium range. Like most shotguns, this weapon is deadly at close range. As for damage, this weapon deals 76 to 92 damage per shot with a headshot multiplier of 1.5x.

Sidearm Pistol

The sidearm pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a high fire rate capacity. This weapon deals 25 to 30 damage per shot, uses light ammunition and has a headshot multiplier of 2X. Furthermore, the decent fire rate and accuracy of this weapon are perfect for players with a fast trigger finger.

Stinger SMG

The stinger SMG is a rapid-fire high damage weapon with a small spread. This weapon uses light ammunition, a 2X headshot multiplier, and a damage rate of 18 to 24. The rapid-fire and high DPS of this weapon makes it one of the best building destroyers in the game. This weapon can also outperform the shotgun even in close-quarter combat.

Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

The Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle uses high damage rounds packed in a three ammo capacity magazine. This rifle executes a fast-moving projectile capable of instant elimination of the target. The Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle can deal 86 to 99 damage with a headshot multiplayer of 2X.

New Skins

Chapter 3: Season 1 also comes with new skins just waiting for the player to collect. With that said, the new skins are recently added to the game.


The first and perhaps the most notable skin to arrive in the game is Spider-Man who is part of the Marvel Series outfit. The skin is unlockable through cosmetics outfits and spending nine battle stars in the game’s battle pass. The Spider-Man set consists of six variations: Default, Symbiotic Suit, Future Foundation Suit, Photo Negative, Scarlet Blackout, and Gilded Reality.

Kait and Marcus Bundle from Gears of War

Other notable skins that are currently available in the game are Kat Diaz and Marcus Fenix from the Xbox exclusive “Gears of War” series. Both skins are part of the Gaming Legends Series and are available in the item shop for 2000 V-Bucks.


Fortnite new skins
Image Source: Fortnite Fandom Wiki


The pair were the first skin cosmetics for Chapter 3: Season 1 and included in the Delta-One Set. Getting these skins will provide players access to the costume, sonic resonator, Reyna’s pendant, and emergency hole.

Other Notable Items

In addition to the new weapons and skins, the game also introduced new items into the field. These items range from healing to loot.


Med-Mist is a healing spray capable of healing the player and the rest of the team. This item is triggered using the fire button of which it sprays healing mist into the player and the rest of the squad. This item is uncommon and can be acquired through the chest, rare chest, floor loot, supply drop, fishing, and fishing hole.

Guzzle Juice

Guzzle Juice is a slow healing item that can restore up to 100 health of the player over time with a rate of two health per second. This item is obtainable through chests, rare chests, floor loot, and supply drop.


The tent is a rare miscellaneous item with multiple functions. Deploying this item will allow the player to rest (healing the player with five health per second), store items (a maximum of two items of any rarity), and pack it back up as a regular item. However, tents are user-specific items which means that other players cannot take advantage of their benefits. This item is obtainable through floor loot.

Victory Crown

A Victory Crown is a mythic item that does not occupy a slot in the inventory. This item can boost the player’s XP and provides accolades plus more XP when Victory Royale is achieved. Players with victory crown will achieve a Crowning Achievement emote.

This crown is obtainable in various ways, one of which is by picking it up from a downed opponent. This item also spawns randomly on the map and is granted to players who reached first place in solo or first/second place in trios and squads.


What do you think about the new items and weapons? Are they worth getting back to the game? If you are asking us, the answer is yes. But do not take our word for it, download the game on your computer and experience these new features yourself!