Starfield Delay

Starfield Release Date Delayed to 2023 & New Leak Revealed


Announced during the 2018 E3 expo, Starfield is a massively multiplayer online game. It combines elements of science fiction and fantasy into one story. The game’s creators are aiming to make it a living. Breathing universe where players can enjoy adventures with their friends over long periods of time. Bethesda Game Studios is currently the one who is working with Starfield. the same people who brought us Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

The game is Bethesda’s latest IP for 25 years, and it will launch on November 22, 2022. But a recent tweet from Bethesda states that the game will be around 2023. The reason given by the studio is that they want the players to receive the “most polished” version of the game. Despite the good intentions of the developers, fans of the game are divided as to what is the exact state of the game.


Bethesda Image


A leaked image from the game was recently posted on Reddit confirming that the upcoming game will have doors. Players can also explore the building and the possibility of exploring the inside of a spaceship in the game. Having this ability is only fair given the scope of this ambitious game.

More Details About Starfield

Other than polishing the game, some fans theorize that updating the Creation Engine is taking a lot of time and that they are still working on the flight mechanics given that Bethesda has yet to showcase the said feature. With that said, for whatever reason the delay may be, having a complete and polished game during the launch is very important. Especially since the game is an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Starfield, for the most part, is redemption for Bethesda. Fallout 76 tarnished the studio’s reputation due to the plethora of bugs and glitches present in the game. On top of that are the aggressive monetization scheme and false advertisement of the game’s special edition. The delay of Starfield’s launch could possibly mean that the studio is making sure that the game will be an overall success.

Another possibility is that the game is not yet good or remains unplayable. This could be the reason why the studio has yet to reveal any gameplay footage of the game. If this is the case, then, there is a huge possibility that Microsoft made the decision to delay the game until next year.

Having a broken exclusive game will be harmful not only to the Bethesda brand but to Microsoft as well. As mentioned before, these are just speculations, and hopefully, Bethesda’s reason for polishing the game is true, and we will soon see some gameplay footage of the highly anticipated game. For now, however, crossing our fingers is the only thing that we can do.

What is Starfield?

Starfield takes place 300 years in the future. It’s a game where you play as a member of a space organization known as the Constellation. The teaser trailer of the game indicates that Starfield is going to feature a vast galaxy packed with NPCs, structures, and multiple worlds to explore. You can explore the alien world by collecting resources, building new equipment, and completing missions to earn points.




And as you complete missions, more characters will join your team. But these are only speculations. There is still a huge possibility that the game will somehow focus on exploration and building relationships with other players. It’s basically a space-themed action role-playing game on steroids.

Why Should You Care About Starfield?

If you are an RPG fan, there are multiple reasons why you should care about Starfield. First is that the game comes from the creators of Skyrim. One of the best RPGs of all time. Next is that Starfield’s setting will provide an entirely new gaming experience since it will shy away from the typical RPG setting.

Third is that Starfield could revolutionize the RPG genre by introducing new features and gameplay mechanics. Starfield could be drop-dead gorgeous knowing that Microsoft has a stricter Quality Control than Bethesda. This means that a Fallout 76 disaster is far from happening.

Worst comes to worst, Starfield will be another broken game packed with all types of monetization. After all, exploring the galaxy is not going to be cheap and will require a lot of resources. If Bethesda will still follow its usual monetization tactics, then, there is no doubt that the game will be another mediocre title.