Battlefield 2042 – Game Review & Gameplay Basics


Fans of the first-person shooter genre have undoubtedly heard of Battlefield 2042, the acclaimed series developed by Swedish game developers EA DICE. Known for its intense action, wide variety of weapons, and destructible environments, Battlefield 2042 has been entertaining gamers for years. With the latest installment in the series now available, it’s time to dive in and see if it lives up to the Battlefield legacy. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the new features, gameplay, and overall experience of the game. If you’re considering picking up this title, or are just a fan of the Battlefield franchise, this review is for you.

Being a multiplayer game, it’s the first in the franchise’s history! You can play it on Xbox Series X and Series S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

You can expect explosive gameplay with this one as DICE continues to be the king of game developers when it comes to military shenanigans. So, if you aim to focus on objective-based multiplayer and scale, this 128-player game will continue to push boundaries when it comes to technicality and warfare.

Gameplay Modes

From the start, Battlefield already has Hazard Zone, which is a more straightforward mode for four-player squads. However, it has some similarities with Hunt: Showdown, where multiple teams enter the map, go on a ravaging war to grab thematic MacGuffins, and then try to get out alive. But the stakes are lower, and there is 100% fewer bayou.

In comparison, it’s shallow, and you tend to lack real care about surviving in the Hazard Zone. But once you get the hang of seeking to respawn and vehicle call-ins while keeping each other alive, you’ll have fun reviving one another.

Two of the most popular game modes are Conquest Point Capture mode and Breakthrough. The latter is a fun attackers-vs-defenders mode. The Portal is where you get to create custom game modes with maps, guns, gadgets, gizmos, and vehicles from Battlefield 2042.

Aside from that, you get to find a bunch of items from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. So, it’s a pretty powerful tool that can instantly create a fantastic co-op experience with your friends.

Overall Experience: Minimalism at its Finest

Even though there’s plenty of room to stretch and get comfortable in Battlefield 2042, you can’t deny that Swedish minimalism has taken control. As a result, the menu feels sparse, with fewer unlockable guns, simpler progression systems, and no battle pass. What EA offers right now is a year-long pass that includes four new specialists that promise new perks and gadgets.


Battlefield 2042 gameplay
Image Source: Apollo432


Battlefield 2042 brings back the sandbox gameplay in bold and controversial ways. The Specialist system works in mysterious ways as it opens up new gameplay opportunities. Aside from that, the well-designed maps are lively and offer plenty of experimentation. Overall, there are many exciting things to watch out for because there’s truly something for everyone without being stretched too thin.

When it comes to the coverage of the game, the developers have planned everything out for the whole year. So, even if some players feel like it’s lacking something, remember that new seasons mean new maps, new game modes, and new specialists that you’ll enjoy.

Some Drawbacks

Battlefield 2042 is like a mixture of all the Battlefield franchises. It recreates Battlefield 1942 Conquest, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Rush, and Battlefield 3 Conquest.

If you wanted to create custom gameplay in the past, you need to run a dedicated server on your PC. But in Portal, Battlefield allows you to create a custom game by slicing off one of its servers whenever you launch a custom mode. And sometimes, it won’t work and will only show an error about server capacity.

Another thing is that there are unnecessary Portal restrictions, and these will stop you from creating fun custom modes. Like if you want to create an FPS design limit, it will prevent you from making it. You can’t change the physics, and you can only use the visual logic editor for free-for-all and team deathmatch modes. Overall, it still provides exceptional gameplay that introduces new ways to enjoy Battlefield.


If you’re looking to experience multiplayer game modes that are filled with explosive material, then Battlefield 2042 is definitely worth the shot. You’ll enjoy its simplicity mixed with tons of new modes that are perfect for players who love military simulations.