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Not Your Typical Strategy Game: The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Review


When legendary filmmaker George Romero shared his thirst for a bizarre idea in 1968, a new genre suddenly spawned. It later becomes one of the most-followed theme in the entertainment industry: Zombie Apocalypse. Over time, George Romero’s The Dead series would set to inspire other creators in the industry, thus making the zombie film genre saturated as well.

That said, as popular as the genre, maybe, not all zombie projects get to reach icon status. After all, the type focuses on one subject alone, which is the rise of the undead. As redundant as the subject of zombies, maybe, some franchises rake in billions and movies that make millions in revenue. One example is The Walking Dead franchise. Originally pitched as a follow-up to the Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead began its humble beginnings in the comics industry in 2003.


the walking dead no man's land review
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In 2010, A TV series based on the comics made its way to the populace. The positive reaction and high-ratings made The Walking Dead brand spread into modern pop culture. People describe it like its faster than the virus in its story arc. Today, The Walking Dead is a brand synonymous with zombies, from comic book series, television series, web series, films, novels, audiobooks, soundtracks, and video games.

Moreover, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land happens to be the official game of the iconic franchise. And to give you an overview of how everything works, here are some two-cents thoughts on each of the game’s elements. If you like, you might want to check out the game and try to play it on your own for a better game experience!


Story (8.5/10)

Unlike other official video games from iconic franchises that stray away from the narrative, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land remains faithful to the main plot of the franchise. The game allows you to experience episodic levels parallel to the TV series. Also, The game will take you on a strategy-filled X-Com-gameplay-inspired journey into familiar locations and even meet iconic characters.


The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Graphics (6.5/10)

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land comes with a decent graphics engine that is not overly impressive. For starters, the game comes with a user-friendly interface complete with brightly colored notification alerts and icons. Environmental and level details, on the other hand, tend to be mediocre, as evidenced by the recurring assets in the game.

Other than that, character design, animation, and effects come with just enough details to make each character distinct. It is also worth noting that players can toggle FPS (Frame-Per-Second) in the options tab. This thing means that players can enjoy smooth and seamless gameplay experience in 60FPS or 30FPS for those who are battery conscious.


Gameplay (6.0/10)


the walking dead no man's land
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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land employs the use of Turn-Based Tactics during combat encounters. This method features a chess-like or a stop-action battle system. With this, players can use it to their advantage. That said, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is nothing close to the title, as mentioned earlier, which is a bit disappointing.

Although the game follows the basic format, the repetitive combat and challenges tend to be frustrating most of the time. Also, a game’s limited survivor slots defy the purpose of having an upgradable camp. Although the game comes integrated with a generous bonus and reward system, some of the elements in the game feel a little pay-to-win rather than skill-based. Nevertheless,

despite these lapses, the game has enough features to provide the level of immersion and fluidity needed to offer an exciting experience.


Sound (7/10) 

Like most officially licensed games, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land provides a decent ambiance relevant to the franchise. The set comes complete with brilliantly rendered sound effects and a soundtrack to make each activity more immersive.


Content (6/10) 

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land comes with a decent number of features and materials to keep you engage in the game. Nevertheless, the gamelike most free-to-play titles, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, follows the same basic format. If you are looking for a game that comes with unique challenges, then this may not be the game for you.


The Walking Dead No Man’s Land: Overall Review (6.6/10)

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a fun game. You might want to include it in your bucket list if you are a fan of the TV series. However, if you are a hardcore TBT enthusiast who is looking for a skill-based experience, then, prepare to be disappointed. Despite having a pay-to-win-leaning structure, this game will let you play without spending a single dime. Just remember to have the patience to grind and farm items in the game. Overall, the match is perfect for those who are new to the strategy genre.

So, don’t forget to share this game with your friends and relatives! They might enjoy the game as well and even compete with other people online! Do you have any ideas about The Walking Dead No Man’s Island? Why not share it here too?