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Final Fantasy XIV – The Worst DPS Classes In The Game


Final Fantasy XIV is a role-playing MMORPG where players get to interact with other players and the game’s environment. They can go on battles, raids, participate in events, and many more. Like with many MMORPGs, the first thing players will do is to create and customize their character. Aside from the appearance and personal details of their character, players also get to choose the starting class.

Regardless of the starting class players choose, there are several roles that they can fit into. These are tank, healer, and DPS. The DPS role is one of the most popular and sought-after roles by many players since this is the damage-dealer role. Their main duty is to be the primary source of damage to a team or party, which means the one destroying the enemy. This is also evident in the jobs available since the DPS role has the most job classes available.

Each DPS job class is unique, bringing with it unique skills and abilities. Of course, not all DPS classes are made equal as there are job classes that are just better. But to make things a bit more interesting, this article won’t list down the best DPS job class. Instead, it would list down the worst DPS job classes in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Bard Job Class DPS

The Bard job class is a physical range DPS, which means he fights in mid to long-range combat. It’s also one of the most mobile DPS in the game, allowing the player to cast and execute combos while on the move. This is also a job class that provides great support to his allies. He has several buff abilities that he can apply to himself and his allies.

The Bard is also relatively easy to learn, which makes it a great option for new players. So, what’s the issue with this job class? Well, it’s a DPS class, but it deals lackluster damage. Its main role in the game is where it falls off. It likely would have been a great support, but as a DPS, it just falls short.


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The Dancer Job Class DPS

The Dancer job class is another DPS class that is more of a support than a DPS. Its skills and abilities focus more on providing support to its team. There are buff abilities that can make the player and a chosen teammate more effective in combat. The job class’ combo mechanics are also enjoyable to perform.

But like with the Bard, the Dancer deals lackluster damage. This class is more of a support than a DPS class. It’s only slightly better than the Bard because its utilities and combos are much better.

The Red Mage Job Class DPS

After the Bard and Dancer, it’s difficult to determine the last worst DPS in Final Fantasy XIV. But ultimately, we’re going with the Red Mage. This melee and ranged magic caster class can use a wide range of elemental spells that can boost white or black mana gauges. It can also enchant melee actions, allowing it to deal more damage. It’s a versatile DPS class since it has both ranged and melee spells and abilities.

But like the other two worst DPS classes on the list, it falls a bit short in the damage department. The Red Mage, though, did receive a buff in the recent update. Many of this class’s spells were boosted to deal more damage. As great as this is, it’s still not as powerful as the other magic-based DPS classes. This is why this class is the worst among the magic-based DPS because of its lower damage output.


The DPS classes mentioned here are not bad. They’re also great and useful for many situations. The only reason they’re on this list is that they fall short when it comes to damage. And dealing damage is supposed to be their main role. So, don’t think these classes are bad. Just don’t expect them to be the main damage dealer in team compositions.