Year for Gamers: How the Industry Earned More than Movies & Sports


Video games have been a popular source of entertainment for many years. Aside from movies and sports, the game industry became a go-to for many people to enjoy. It is because games enhance different skills while being entertained. Also, having fun is always better when you get to experience the satisfaction of controlling your character or simply winning. Like movies, you get to choose the game genre that you want as well. These games’ versatility and the fun you get to experience are sometimes much better than watching a film or sports. Playing with friends is also a plus!


Video Games PC


2020 is one of the most stressful years of our lives due to the pandemic and people not being able to go out. Because of it, video games are one of the few things that kept people uplifted. Movies and sports were suspended for a few months. Moreover, most movie houses are still closed and only a few people are allowed to watch sports live. These things have affected the movie and sports industry, which made video games more popular than ever. It’s no wonder 2020 became one of the most profitable years for this industry.

Casting a Large Shadow Over the Entertainment Industry

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the entertainment industry suffered a whole lot. We couldn’t go out to watch the movies we were supposed to enjoy with our friends. Also, NBA isn’t the same with their empty seats and no crowds cheering for the teams. But what never changed are video games. Within the year 2020, tons of games were released to prove that they are the next quarantine game of the year. Although Among Us already took the spot.

Sporting venues closed, your favorite movies delayed and pushed to 2021, and many more. These are the usual problems that the entertainment industry is currently facing. The new normal isn’t doing well, especially in the movie and sports industry. The pandemic cast a dark shadow over these industries, but it brought the spotlight to video games. It’s easy just to stay inside, follow health protocols, and enjoy the video games released in 2020. Consequently, landing a steady profit for the different game developers is as easy as pie. Moreover, nothing could change that even though 2021 is already here.

Game Consoles Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Gaming

What made 2020 even more exciting for the gaming industry are the gaming consoles that came out. You may already have heard of Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. These are the two major gaming consoles today. Aside from that, Nintendo Switch is a handheld console that can be connected to your flat screen TV for a better experience. These gaming consoles made everything even better. Moreover, most players were able to grab hold of these two right away since they can stay safe by staying inside and play!


Video Games PS5


Pairing these gaming consoles are the newest games, like Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima. Who says that 2020 has been a catastrophic year? Yes, maybe it has been catastrophic and terrible for many people, but video games were able to save the day! It’s no surprise that it has been a pretty eventful year for the gaming community.