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7 Powerful Persona 5 Emperor Arcana In The Game


The emperor is always viewed as a powerful and majestic individual who rules above everyone. This is even evident in tarot cards where the Emperor or Major Arcana symbolizes being at the top of the secular hierarchy and the ultimate male ego.

This is also what you can expect from the Persona 5 game. The Persona 5 Emperor persona is usually represented by kings, emperors, deities, or important male figures. They’re also characters that usually excel in Physical and Electric-based attacks (some use Ice-based attacks).

Persona 5 features many different emperor arcana in the game. But not all of them are created equal. Though they’re all powerful, they do not equal. There is Persona 5, Emperor Arcanas, who is just more powerful than the others. In this article, we’ll list who are the most powerful ones and why.

7 Powerful Persona 5 Emperor Persona

There are many different Persona 5 Emperor in the game. Though they’re all powerful, some are just more powerful than others. In this section, we’ll list the 7 most powerful Persona 5 Emperor personas and what makes them powerful.

1. Odin

The most powerful Persona 5 Emperor Arcana is none other than Odin. He represents the highest deity in Norse Mythology and is the father of many prominent gods. He is also one of, if not the most powerful electric damage dealers available in Persona 5.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Odin
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Odin

But what makes him the most powerful emperor in arcana is that he has no weaknesses and a fast healing ability. This makes him hard to kill while also being able to deliver high electric damage to enemies.

He can also buff the party’s defense, which is helpful in many battle situations. Acquiring him is not easy. To summon him, you’ll need to fuse Uriel and Surt. But it is hard to get him because you must max out your social link with Yusuke Kitagawa, Emperor Arcana’s confidant.

2. Baal

The second most powerful Persona 5 Emperor persona is Baal, the god of fertility. Baal is an emperor but doesn’t use electric or ice-based attacks. Instead, he uses wind and is one of the most powerful wind users in the game.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Baal
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Baal

What’s interesting about this persona is that he doesn’t just deal with strong wind damage. He can also buff parties, increasing their power and critical rate. This Persona 5 Emperor also possesses that can provide a shield to protect the party from enemy attacks.

He can even nullify one instant death attack. Odin deals more damage and has a higher level which is why he’s above Baal. But this emperor can provide more utility and support during battle. His fusion requires Yamata-no-Orochi and Loa.

3. Oberon

The first Persona 5 Emperor who isn’t a deity on this list is Oberon. Though he might still fit that description since he is called the King of Fairies and is famous as one of the characters in Midnight Summer’s Dream by Shakespeare.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Oberon
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Oberon

Though he might technically not be considered a deity, he is still powerful. He possesses an electric attack that will deal heavy damage. He can also brainwash foes, buffing allies’ attacks and reducing the Psy damage that one ally could receive.

Oberon can even revive one ally at full HP when needed. You must offer Black Rider and Kali as summon materials to acquire him.

4. King Frost

Another king of the fairies, but this time of the frost fairies, is King Frost. He rules over Jack Frost and is based on the Frost Fairies story. He is a powerful ice damage dealer, capable of inflicting heavy ice damage on a single target.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana King Frost
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana King Frost

King Frost can also suppress the innate ice resistance of enemies, which will increase the ice damage he deals with. He also has an Auto-Mataru to boost the party’s attack at the beginning of the battle and can impart immunity to despair. You will need Seth and Ganesha as fusion recipes to summon him.

5. Barong

The mythical create Barong is another powerful Persona 5 Emperor in the game. He is a creature that represents humanity’s goodness and is in charge of protecting people against dark magic from Rangda. Barong is mostly seen as a lion, but some also portray him in different animal forms, like a tiger, a boar, or a dragon.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Barong
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Barong

He can deal with heavy electric damage while suppressing all enemies’ innate electric resistance. Barong can also make the entire immune to electric attacks and restore a bit of his SP after every turn. He is also not that hard to acquire, requiring Unicorn and Thunderbird as fusion materials.

6. Okuninushi

Another powerful emperor in Persona 5 is Okuninushi, the lord of Izumo. He is the god of nation-building, business, and medicine. Okuninushi is a powerful Psychic character that can dish out physical and Psy damage to people.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Okuninushi
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Okuninushi

But what makes him powerful is not just his damage. He can also raise the attack power of all allies and remove the Psy resistance of all enemies. Okuninushi even has enhanced evasion against nuke attacks. He is a great emperor to have, especially if you need a powerful psychic damage dealer.

7. Thot

Last but certainly not least is Toth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom. He is a God who gives value to knowledge, possessing a large library that contains all of Egypt during his time.

Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Toth
Image Source: Persona 5 Emperor Arcana Toth

Toth is a light damage dealer who is also capable of providing support. He has a high chance of inflicting rage on an enemy and decreasing evasion accuracy to all enemies. This makes it easier to hit them during battle.

The emperor can also lower Psy damage and negate one Psy weakness of one ally. He also provides 50% gains in experience whenever he isn’t used in battle. He is summoned when you fuse Principality and Jikouten.

Final Thoughts

There are more Persona 5 Emperors available. But the ones on the list above are the most powerful. They’re not just strong and use high-damage attacks, but they also provide great support and utility.

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