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Century: Age of Ashes – A Preview Of The Gameplay


Back in December 2020, during the Game Awards, Playwing LTD released a trailer for their latest multiplayer game—Century: Age of Ashes. A month later, the game became available through Early Access, allowing a few people to try it out. If you belong to the unlucky ones who didn’t get to try it, you can read about the gameplay preview in this article.

What is Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is a video game that’s developed and published by Playwing LTD for Windows PC. It’s a multiplayer video game where players get to ride on dragons and then battle against other dragon riders. It looks like an interesting game based on the trailer that was shown. And when the early access finally arrived, the game properly delivered on the promise that the trailer was shown.

The Century: Age of Ashes Gameplay

The main core of this action shooter game is its multiplayer element and dragon rider battles. The matches are 6-vs-6 combat, where players would try to get as many kills as possible. The team who has accumulated the most kills before the round ends wins. When it comes to combat, it’s going to be fast, action-packed, and ruthless.

Dragons have two ways to attack, through a long-range fireball and a short-range fire breath. Hitting enemies with the fireball is a bit difficult, considering it’s rather slow and the dragons can move around swiftly. This makes it very hard to hit enemies, especially from a distance. But when your fireball and fire breath connects, it can be deadly.


Century Age of Ashes gameplay
Image Source: Quadro2001


The best way to attack is to catch enemies off guard and ambush them. Since the battlefield is in the sky, you can attack from any angle. Of course, you also have to be careful because you can be attacked from any angle as well. Getting hit in this game can be a problem, considering there’s no way to restore your health unless the class of your rider is a healer. But relying on that won’t help since its cooldown is too long.

Other Details about Century: Age of Ashes

There are about 5 classes available for riders, but only 3 were available in the Early Access. In terms of game modes, only 2 were available. One is Carnage, where the goal is to get as many kills as possible for your team. The other mode is the Gates of Fire which is similar to capture the flag but instead of taking the flag that belongs to the enemy, there is only one flag to fight over.

Once a player has the flag, he/she would need to fly it through multiple gates to win the round. Enemy players can try to take it or kill the flag-carrying player to prevent them from completing the objective. The game also has a 3-vs-3 rookie mode, which allows players to practice and get used to the game’s controls and mechanics.

Century: Age of Ashes is scheduled for a release on Windows PC in February 2021. Based on early access, the game is almost ready for a worldwide release. For now, gamers just have to wait until it is officially released and available on Steam.