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Among Us: Now Available on Nintendo Switch


Among Us has become a wildly popular game in the year 2020. With hundreds and thousands of players who downloaded the game, it became the best multiplayer and mobile game of the year. Until today, there are still a huge number of players who continue to search for the impostor in the match. And if you’re one of those avid gamers slash fans, then hearing some updates would probably make you feel excited and thrilled.

Before the year 2020 ends, Among us surprised everyone with a bang! This announcement has become great news, especially for those people who play Nintendo Switch. If you’re ready to know more about it, read the details below.


Among Us on Nintendo Switch

We’re not kidding, and this is not a drill. Among Us is now available for you to play with friends on Nintendo Switch. For only $5 on Nintendo’s online store, you can try this game and enjoy it like spotting the impostor on PC or mobile. Last December 15, 2020, this major event happened during Nintendo’s Direct Indie World Showcase, where the final announcement was all about the Among Us switch port.


Among Us Game Waiting Room
Source: Among Us Gameplay


Are the features still the same on Nintendo Switch?

The answer is yes. All the game features are still the same, including the maps, mechanics, etc. Players will still be assigned their game roles and look for the impostor before everyone gets killed. The three major maps on the game are still the same. You can choose whether you would like to enter Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.

However, this version of Among Us still doesn’t have any voice chat feature for those expecting more from the game. Player’s are even advised to communicate through the in-game chat or app services like Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet.


Nintendo Switch Among Us
Source: Among Us – Nintendo Switch


Playing Among Us in Nintendo Switch Crossplay

If you have been playing Nintendo Switch for quite some time, you know that some of your favorite games must have cross-platform support so you can enjoy playing them with friends. Luckily, the Among Us console version features a crossplay option to access the game whether you’re on PC, mobile, or Nintendo Switch.

That means you and other players can still input the same room code and play together simultaneously. With a crossplay feature, trying Among Us will be incredibly simple and fast. Plus, the good thing about it is that you’ll be able to catch the impostor with friends or relatives if you’re on TV mode. Now, that’s what you call to level up gaming.

Right now, the game is available in three languages: English, Japanese and Korean. Note that Nintendo users can play the game online with only a 10-player limit and via local multiplayer sessions. The game size is about 421MB on the console and supports all three Nintendo Switch modes (TV, tablet, and handheld).


Wrapping Up

As exciting it may sound, there are more incoming game updates that Innersloth brings to its players. For instance, you may have heard about the new game map called “Airship” many times. Developers said that the new map would be out early this year. Since players have heard of that news, most people cannot wait for how the game will go, especially for the impostor.

Overall, playing Among Us in a Nintendo Switch version brings a new fun and thrill moment together with your friends and family. For sure, there’s a lot more surprising and great news that the game has to offer. Like you, we’re excited as well!

But in the meantime, why not practice your sneaking and investigating skills on mobile, or best, PC?