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The Latest Update In Phasmophobia After Its Release


No one really expected Phasmophobia to be a hit game, at least not to this extent. But that’s what happened after it was released on September 18, 2020. It became an instant hit, especially to horror fans and streamers. The gaming community’s reaction and positive feedback surprised the indie developers of Kinetic Games. This prompted the developer to change his plans for the game.

Kinetic Games’ “Dknighter” revealed in November 2020 that the game’s Early Access period will be short. But he changed his plans due to the game’s popularity. Despite the lack of details, the community knows that Phasmophobia will get updates, improvements, and new features. But what are the latest updates or new content that the developer introduced to the game? Let’s take a look at some of the most recent and major changes Phasmophobia has received.

Phasmophobia Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

The latest update that the developer introduced to the horror game are all fixes to bugs and issues. One example is the tripod being placed on the ceiling. It will now always be placed in front of the player. Another fixed bug is the voice chat malfunction after the player experiences a hardware error. There are many more fixes brought to the game to help improve the gameplay experience of players.


Phasmophobia updates
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The latest changes to Phasmophobia are mostly minor changes. This includes the Banshee no longer listening to non-target players by sound and changing character will no longer unready everyone. Another minor change is the parabolic or sound sensor’s detection time will be increased to 3 seconds. The developer also lowered the brightness of the night vision on all houses. This is to prevent players from not being able to see the ghost orbs because it’s too bright.

Experimental Features To The Horror Title

The developer also introduced several experimental changes to the game. Since they are experimental, this means that players should not expect these additions to be permanent. Depending on its effects, the devs will remove or improve these changes. Five experimental changes were provided.

One experimental change is that the rooms in the game will begin with a slight variation in temperatures. It will also drop to 5°C or 41F when the power is off. If you turn the power back on, the temperature will gradually rise. The only entity that can hamper that effect is when a ghost is present so it’s best to pay attention to it. Playing Phasmophobia in Professional Difficulty will cause the room temperature to start at 5°C or 41F. The thermometer’s refresh rate was reduced to two seconds.


Phasmophobia new content
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The Future Of The Phasmophobia Game

Phasmophobia is an exciting, terrifying, and just overall amazing game to play. Dknighter didn’t expect his experimental game to make a massive hit. But it did, and players both happy and terrified with it. The feedback from gamers will surely motivate the devs to make it better in the future.

The latest changes and updates will surely affect Phasmophobia’s overall gameplay. You can still expect that there will be more fixes and major changes to the game moving forward. Kinetic Games aims to deliver a great game for all players. So we can expect more in the future which may ultimately lead to turning Phasmophobia into a more compelling horror game.

Phasmophobia is an online psychological multiplayer horror game that made waves in 2020. It’s currently in its Early Access phase on Steam but players are downloading it worldwide. It’s an immersive title that mixes detective work, teamwork, and jump-scares in one compelling package. Horror fans will be in for a treat once they try Phasmophobia.