Lost Ark Game Review – A Superb MMORPG Worth Playing this 2022


Lost Ark is an isometric action-MMORPG developed by Smilegate and Tripod Studio. This game was first released in South Korea last 2019. Recently, Lost Ark became available to countries like North and South America and Europe through Amazon Games. After the said release, Lost Ark created history on Steam for being the second most played game after twenty-fours of release. Are you curious about The Lost Ark? Do you want to know why most gamers anticipate it? Well, let this brief Lost Ark game review tell you the gist of this action RPG.

Lost Ark walkthrough
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Lost Ark Game Review – Your Odyssey in a Vast & Vibrant World

Lost Ark is an immersive game where you need to explore various regions, collect resources, and get ahead to earn. But, the core of this game focuses on combat, and everything lies on it. Unlike the usual MMO games, where you choose roles like DPS, Healer, and Tank, classes are more into support perks than the typical dedicated roles. Once you play The Lost Ark Game, you will notice that the strength of this game is its combat. The abilities are excellent adequately powerful, and you’ll definitely have a great time using them. You can’t help but feel satisfied when you dive kick a group of enemies and see their chunks of blood.

Choose Your Class

As you continually play Lost Ark, take note that every class has a long list of abilities, and you can beeline eight of these abilities at a time. Each attack ability can be boosted and customized with effects like high-up single-target damage, prominent AOE damage, and impressive extra effects. Furthermore, there are a total of 15 playable classes in Lost Ark, and these classes are divided into five main classes; the warrior, martial artist, gunner, mage, and assassin. Under the warrior class, you can choose to be a berserker, paladin, or gunlancer. For the Martial artist class, you can choose to be a striker, wardancer, scrapper, or soulfist.
Lost Ark class

For gunners, you can choose to be a gunslinger, artillerist, deadeye, or sharpshooter. If you are into magical classes, you can choose to be a mage and become a bard or sorceress. Lastly, the assassin class offers subclasses such as shadowhunter and deathblade. Moreover, it will be better to start with a subclass that suits your playstyle. You better go on the warrior class if you are a sword aficionado. But, if you’re the type of gamer that prefers using bulky gauntlets to clash enemies with your impactful skills, you better go with the martial artist class, specifically the scrappers.

Incredible Gameplay

As you run down with the game, you will start the game with its main story, where you will know the combat system. From there, you will see a powerful demon devastating the world just to find the Lost Ark. This Ark is known to be a magical yet powerful relic used in expelling evil. So your main objective here is to play as the protagonist of the game and have a connection to this Ark and stop the devastation of the demon. You will surely figure out your role as there will be dialogues presented, but don’t get hooked through cheesy lines as you need to focus more on the action perspective of the game.

Here, you will travel across the world chasing the Lost Ark and the demon. As you travel, you will get a chance to bump into different malicious foes, and you must beat them with your best combat skills. Aside from defeating the opponents that cross your path, you also need to collect valuables and gear you see on your journey. And as you progress in the game, you will reach a point where you need to upgrade your gears through your collected resources. This part is really important because your enemies will be more competitive as you continue the game. It will tremendously help if you immersed yourself in more difficult challenges and quests such as Tower Challenges that can grant you better items as you rise the floors.

Play Solo or With a Party?

Aside from tower challenges, you will also get into various dungeons, and you can run it solo or with your friends. Here, you will get a chance to know more about the story and beat challenging bosses. However, if you prefer getting into dungeons with a party, you better form your party right as you will deal with challenging dungeons, world bosses, and raids. Opt for the endgame raids and test out your party’s prowess in dealing with tougher mobs and bosses in real-time. Once you and the party successfully finish the raids, you will get a chance to amass the best gears and materials that Lost Ark features.

Lost Ark tower challenges
Image Source: Lost Ark Tower Challenges

Another point you must explore is the PvP interactions. Under this game mode, you can select from the six-player free-for-all, six-player team deathmatch, or team elimination wherein you will play with a team of three, and you’ll fight until the entire squad is eliminated. Don’t worry if you’re opponent has excellent gear; all players here are equal, and you’ll just be needing your best combat skills.

Learn More about the Cash Shop & Future

Like other MMOs, Lost Ark also features cosmetic customization that mainly focuses on indisputable Eastern flair. Most of the time, you’ll usually see it on Korean MMOs and Tera. Here, you will get a chance to gear your character with numerous armor sets. You can get them from grinding dungeons or through cash. Moreover, you can choose to spend real cash right away and get what you want if you want to quickly get the best gears, enhance potions and get ahead of the game quickly. But, if you are a free-to-play player, you better spend more hours grinding on dungeons and raids and gear up your character with the best armor sets.
Lost ark shop

Aside from the best gears and equipment, the cash shop also features mount, pet, and ship skins. These items are not only to boost the aesthetics of your character. These can also help increase your skills. Moreover, these items can change the perspective of your playstyles, such as cooldowns on dispatches and research.

Is Lost Ark Worth Playing this 2022?

With its impressive and polished features, we can say that this action MMORPG is an excellent addition to your PC. What’s more amazing about Lost Ark is it offers great content for both solo and group players. So, if you want to experience everything in this review, you better check it now! See for yourself why gamers are in love with this action-packed MMORPG. For more updates or reviews about Lost Ark and other games, stay tuned here at PlayPC!