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MLB The Show 22 Review – An Excellent Simulation Game


MLB the Show 2022, or simply MLB the Show (stylized as MLB THE SHOW), is the seventeenth installment in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s MLB the Show series of baseball video games. The game was developed by SCE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on April 5, 2022, for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. With our MLB The Show 22 Review, let’s learn why it’s the best baseball game on all consoles.

One of the best features of MLB The Show 22 is that it’s packed with 100 gameplay modes, including Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, Spring Training, and more. You can play as more than 500 playable teams in these modes. There are also 30k player cards, 30k ballpark cards, and stadium items that you can collect.

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The core mechanics are simple enough to pick up if you’ve never played a baseball game before Here, players run around on a field trying to beat their opponents in different ways (like scoring runs). At the same time, they need to use certain features within the sport (like bunting). A batter can also hit off-speed pitches for better contact on balls that move slower than fastballs. However, this takes more skill because putting too much spin will cause them to go out of control. So too much movement results in strikeouts or pop-outs.

MLB The Show 22 Review – All the Right Reasons to Play the Game

Let’s find out what makes MLB The Show 22 one of the best baseball simulation games below;


There are more gameplay modes, features, and customization options than ever before. Furthermore, roster updates can be applied to the 2020 season or any other year in history. You can even create your own custom league and add teams from any organization that has ever existed by using a feature called “Create Team.”There are more team options available now as well. For instance, there’s a new All-Star Game mode called “Star Showdown” where you play all of your favorite MLB stars from past and present who have been selected for the All-Star Game over the years (like Babe Ruth).

You also get to play against your friends online by setting up custom tournaments with up to 32 teams included in them. And finally, there’s Team Play where you play with only one team throughout an entire season. In addition to this, there are over 30k team logos available in the game to be used by players as well as teams themselves when creating custom logos for their uniforms.


One of the biggest improvements in MLB The Show 2022 is its graphics. From player models to stadiums, all aspects of the game look realistic and beautiful. Every player has their own face model, with many of them looking so much like their real-life counterparts. It’s hard to believe they aren’t playing out a real game.

Some of the best-looking animations include home runs and strikeouts, which are usually accompanied by an accompanying crowd reaction from fans in the stadium. Additionally, the animation for pitching is top-notch thanks to realistic movements from pitchers’ bodies as they wind up for their pitch or throw off balance after being hit by a ball back at them during gameplay.

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If you’re a fan of the show and its graphics, this year’s iteration won’t disappoint. The overall look has been refined, with character models looking more realistic than ever before and a lot of attention paid to their faces (for better or worse). If you’re not familiar with the series’ history, it’s worth noting that it began life on PlayStation 2 as a title for Sony’s second gaming console back in 2006.


As you’d expect from a simulation game, MLB The Show 2022 is built around realism. Therefore, you’ll see realistic player stats, movements, reactions, and interactions on the field that are reminiscent of what you’d encounter in real life. Perhaps most impressively though is the depth of emotion shown by each individual player and their teammates.

Because of that, MLB The Show 2022 makes for a very satisfying experience not just for the gameplay. Also, for its ability to capture what it feels like to play baseball at any level of skill.

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Franchise Mode

Franchise mode is the core of MLB The Show, and this year is better than ever. You’ll be able to manage a team without worrying about a salary cap or other restrictions. Thus, allowing you to focus on building your roster from scratch and managing finances as you see fit.

There are several ways for users to get started in franchise mode. First, Create Your Own Team (and Logo). It allows you to create an entirely new organization from scratch. For example, its name and logo down to its location and players on the roster. It also gives you access to all minor league teams. So you can fully control your organization’s system for the development of young talent by sending prospects up through the farm system when they’re ready.

Import Existing Teams into Franchise Mode: If you want to start with an existing team but don’t want all their contracts, finances, or players included in your current roster file then this option is perfect. It allows you to take any existing team file and import it into franchise mode without overwriting any data already there (like rosters).
Franchise mode has had some changes since last year as well. One major change is that now each player has his own personality, which affects how much effort he puts into practice activities. For instance, hitting drills or fielding drills during spring training workouts based upon how much they like playing baseball overall (or dislike playing baseball at all).

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MLB The Show 2022 is an Excellent Baseball Simulation Game

If you’re a fan of the current generation of consoles, MLB The Show 2022 is a must-play for you. It’s one of the best sports games on the market. Furthermore, it has tons to offer in terms of gameplay, presentation, and modes. Whether it’s your first time playing or if you’ve been with it since 2006, there’s plenty here for everyone.
It has an expansive career mode that allows players to create their own character or use their favorite athlete from history. Plus, plenty more ways to play including online leagues and tournaments. MLB The Show 2022 has something for every type of baseball enthusiast. It has better graphics, more gameplay modes, and more features than its competitors. Overall, MLB the Show 2022 is a must-play for fans of the current generation of consoles.

MLB The Show 2022 is an excellent baseball simulation game. It features the best graphics, gameplay, and simulation of any baseball game to date. The franchise mode is also one of the best-ever in a sports video game. If you’re a fan of MLB or sports simulators in general, this game will give you hours upon hours of entertaining playtime. So if you want to know more about this awesome simulation game, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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