Final Fantasy VII Remake Now Has Three Parts


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 has already begun its development. It follows after the first trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Part 2) was officially released. The announcement from Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura officially confirms that the remake of the popular role-playing game is going to be a trilogy. However, did you know that this wasn’t always the case? The remake of the popular role-playing game wasn’t always going to be a trilogy.

The development team behind this game was unsure whether they’d tell the entire story in two or three games. So what made them decide that this should be a trilogy instead of just a two-part series? What could possibly be the title of the third game in the series? Let’s find out more here.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Two-Part or Trilogy?

The RPG creative director said in an interview with Famitsu that he wasn’t really sure whether the Final Fantasy VII Remake would be a trilogy or just a two-part game. Many people expected the remake to be a trilogy, considering the original game came in 3 CD ROMS when it officially debuted 15 years ago in 1997. But Nomura said that Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, suggested exploring the possibility of a two-part series instead of a trilogy.

Kitase said that it was “one of the many ideas that came up” during the development of the remake of the popular RPG. He added that it was hard to determine “how much man-hours and development period would be required.” But after they finished the initial stages of the remake, they were able to determine the number of hours and development needed. So this made it easy for them to decide that the game will be a trilogy.

They were even thinking if a trilogy is enough to tell the whole story of the game. Especially considering they’re only at the Midgar part at the end of part 1 of Final Fantasy VII Remake. But Nomura did assure fans and gamers that they don’t plan to expand the game beyond the three announced games. He said the trilogy is already enough to tell the entire story of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth & Development of Final Fantasy VII Part 3

When the first trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launched, Nomura, Kitase, and Naoki Hamaguchi provided messages about the remake. It was shared on the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account. Nomura mentioned that they’re designing Rebirth as a game in a way that people can enjoy playing whether they played the original game or not. Additionally, he said that players might even consider playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth first to start their Final Fantasy VII journey.

Hamaguchi added that they made sure Rebirth is more than just one installment of a trilogy. They’re putting in the passion and dedication to deliver fans and gamers an original game. At the same time, they strive to provide the ultimate gaming experience and gameplay. Kitase said that developing Rebirth is not without its challenges. But he did add that they’re doing their best to make sure the second installment of the remake would be even more memorable than the Remake.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to come out in the winter of 2023. As for part 3 of the remake of the popular RPG, all three main persons in the development team mentioned production is already in full swing. Nomura said that he himself has started the development and is working towards completing the series. Meanwhile, Hamaguchi added that the development has already entered full production and they’re motivated to put everything together to create a finished game.

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The Title for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3

Nomura added that he still couldn’t reveal what the third title will be for the last trilogy. But this won’t stop fans, gamers, and people from speculating what the possible title would be. Currently Final Fantasy VII Part 1 is titled Remake while Part 2 is titled Rebirth. There was a mention of a fourth Final Fantasy VII game and it’s a remake of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. Of course, the new official title is called Reunion.

Since there’s already Remake, Rebirth, and Reunion, what’s the title for part 3? It will likely have to start with the letters “Re”, considering all three new titles started with these two letters. There are actually many possibilities for the latest title of the game. But since this is going to be the last installment of the trilogy, then it’s easy to say that the title would have something to do with concluding or resolution.

“Resolution” is the likely title for Part 3 of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Of course, considering that the last part should resolve all the conflicts and storylines of this Final Fantasy VII remake. It’s the part where the story ends, so “Resolution” is a good guess. But there are also other possible candidates like “Rewrite”, “Resurrection”, or “Return”. The developers have been saying that this remake will not necessarily follow all the events in the original game.

There’s even a hint that one or two characters who died (Aerith and Zack) could end up being alive. So any of these three titles could be good candidates as well. You should consider that this story could have a different ending. But until we hear what the developers have to say, we can only speculate at this point.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Verdict

It seems like the third installment is going to be a surprise. Whatever the title ends up to be, the trilogy will end with a bang. So for more updates regarding the third part, make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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