Dragon Marked for Death – A 2D side scrolling on a new level


Dragon-Marked for Death tells the Dragonblood Clan’s surviving members’ story in their quest for revenge against the powerful Medius Empire after their home was destroyed. Players can choose from four classes of character; the Witch, the Empress, the Shinobi, and the Warrior.

Each character class comes with its own unique set of skills and upgradeable attributes. For example, the Warrior and the Shinobi are great for close-range to mid-range attacks, while the Witch and the Empress are great for mid-range-to-long-range attacks. Each of the base attributes in each class is upgradable with EXP or Experience Points, just like a typical RPG or ARPG title.


Dragon Marked for Death game


A 2D Side-scrolling/Multiplayer/ARPG Hybrid

One of the features that sets Dragon Marked for Death apart from other 2D platformers is integrating the multiplayer mode in its core. Each mission in the game is playable in single-player and four-player mode. Progression in the game requires the player to take on and complete the various quests provided by NPCs. Each quest rewards players with EXP used for leveling up the chosen character. New weapons and armor will become available when the character’s attributes reach a specific level.

Developed by Veterans

Dragon-Marked for Death is an action-packed 2D side-scrolling multiplayer game with RPG elements. The game is made by some of the most iconic names in the 2D side-scrolling category. These people are Takuya Aizu (Producer), Ryota Ito (Director) Toru Nakayama (Character Designer).

They were followed by Makoto Yabe (Scenario Writer), Shinichi Sema (Lead Programmer). And lastly, Akihiro Shishido (Main programmer and Ippo Yamada (sound producer) of Dragon Marked for Death are the same teams responsible for developing Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX.

Highly Acclaimed Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon-Marked for Death initially launched for the Nintendo Switch in 2019 with average reviews from both players and critics. The game’s downside comes from its lack of local multiplayer options since the mode, as mentioned earlier, is accessible online. The story arc is also part of the highlighted flaw as each character class follows the same narrative. Moreover, some players point out that the game becomes too “grindy” overtime. All of these so-called flaws made the game a less relevant title on Nintendo’s hybrid console.


Dragon Marked for Death Online


Nevertheless, despite the game’s rough launch on the Switch, the title catch a lot of gamers’ attention. It prompted the Steam launch in April 2020, followed by the PS4 version three months later in July of the same year.

Much like the Nintendo Switch version, the Steam port was not without flaw. However, the developers’ quick response and endless support made Dragon Marked for Death a highly recommended game on the platform. Most accolades point to the game’s jaw-dropping graphics, brilliant audio, and immersive narrative.

Bringing 2D Side Scrolling on a New Level

Dragon-Marked for Death is an action-packed game that brings the 2D sidescroller category to a new level. Integrating the online multiplayer and RPG elements into the game is a one of a kind concept in the industry. On top of that are the well-written narrative and the awe-inspiring audio/visual elements that make the game as immersive as challenging.

Overall, if you are a fan of 2D side-scrolling games or a fan of the Mega Man franchise’s challenges, then Dragon Marked for Death is a hidden gems that you definitely should check out.