Devolver Digital Showcase 2022

Devolver Summer Showcase 2022 – What Went Down


Devolver Digital Inc., a video game publishing company that specializes in publishing indie games, has once again showcased why they’re not like any other gaming companies. The recent Devolver Summer Showcase 2022, which was held last June 9, 2022, is an example of genius marketing at its finest. What’s interesting about their showcase is that it was held during the E3 season, which shows they don’t care much about others and will just do what they want. This is typical of what Devolver will do and you can expect the same with their latest lineup of games.

But what games were announced during the Devolver Summer Showcase 2022? What went down during the event? What kind of games should you expect to be available and their release? Let’s find out and discuss more in this article.

What Went Down During Devolver Summer Showcase 2022

The showcase started like usual for Devolver, full of screaming and profanity. But these are all just part of the game developer’s way of hyping up the event before they proceed to the main portion of the showcase, which is to reveal their upcoming games. Check out the games below for the details.

Devolver Showcase 2022
Image Source: Devolver Direct 2022 – Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing


The Anger Foot

One of the games revealed is Anger Foot, a first-person shooter game where kicking is a big part of the gameplay. You play the role of a dook-kicking and bug-smashing hero who battles various enemies using your gun and your foot. It looks like a fun and interesting game, especially if you’re someone who enjoys lots of action and a colorful environment. The neon background adds to the game’s appeal and fun.

You also get to purchase different guns and sneakers (for kicking, basically) to use in the game. It’s originally an game and Anger Foot is like its expanded version. It seems like a cool and fun game to play, especially if you love the action of kicking down doors and shooting bugs in the face. You will have to wait a while, though, before you can play since the game will be available in 2023. Nevertheless, it’s a game that looks like it’s worth waiting for.

Anger Foot


Cult of The Lamb

If you prefer an adventure game that will launch soon, then Cult of the Lamb is an appealing game. It stars a lamb, which decides to start its cult of woodland creatures. Though the game looks like it is going to be fun with its cute-looking graphics and artwork, there is something dark about it. This is not unusual considering the game does feature cults, so expect to deal with demons and bodies being buried.

But despite the dark secrets the game has, its graphics are cute enough to not make the game too sinister. It’s still an enjoyable and entertaining game that you will enjoy playing. Plus, you also don’t have to wait that long to start playing since the game will be available this August 2022.

The Cult of the Lamb


Skate Story

If you’re a big fan of skateboarding then you will love the Skate Story: Gorgeous Skateboarding Adventure revealed at the Devolver Summer Showcase 2022. It’s a fantasy-adventure game where you get to control a fragile glass demon riding a skateboard in the underworld. The underworld will be your skateboarding park where you get to enjoy various obstacles and perform tricks. Keep in mind though that since you’re a glass demon, you must not crash or you’ll smash into pieces.

You need to do well, so you can continue with your journey. It’s an interesting adventure game where you also get to showcase your skills in skateboarding. You just need to be careful in doing that since you don’t want your journey to prematurely end when you crash. The game is expected to arrive in 2023, which is a shame since the trailer for the game makes it look like it’s a great game to play.

Skate Story


The Plucky Squire

But probably the most interesting game revealed during the Devolver Summer Showcase 2022 is The Plucky Squire. It’s an ambitious 2D-3D adventure game that so far looked beautiful in the trailers. You read that right, it’s a game that will be both 2D and 3D. It’s a storybook adventure where you play a book character called Jot. He realized that he is capable of jumping out of the book and into the real world.

This is where the magic starts to happen since the world features 3D graphics while inside the book it’s all 2D. When you’re in the book, you get to play different and fun mini-games. When you’re outside of the book, you get to explore the 3D world, which is set in the bedroom of a child. As you explore, you’ll encounter certain items where the surface allows you to go back into the 2D world and play more mini-games. It’s an interesting game and it’s set to be released in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Switch.

The Plucky Squire

Devolver’s unique power to capture consumers’ attention will surely go down in the history of gaming marketing. As an indie game publisher, this has earned them well-deserved nominations. Are you one of those who has been enthralled by their unusual way of showcasing their indie games? Look forward to these games on your favorite platforms soon!

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