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Alien Dark Descent Revealed – What We Know So Far


One of the most iconic villains ever created is the Xenomorphs, who first appeared in the movie Aliens. The creature was so scary and iconic that it led to its appearance in many more movies, games, etc. If you can’t get enough of dealing with these terrifying aliens, then you’ll be pleased to know that a new game featuring these horrifying extraterrestrials has been announced. The game is entitled Alien Dark Descent.

A new shooting game where you get to battle against these alien monstrosities. But what are the details for this game? What’s its gameplay? When will it be released? Is it based on a movie from the Aliens franchise? Let’s discuss in more detail these things, as well as other things that we know so far about Alien Dark Descent.

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Image Source: Aliens Dark Descent Trailer – Summer Game Fest 2022


Does Alien Dark Descent Follow The Storyline of The Aliens Movie?

The success of the 1979 film gave birth to its sequel, Aliens, which was directed by James Cameron and released in 1986. The bigger and meaner movie has a larger space marine squad being hunted down by more Xenomorphs. The Alien Dark Descent game has a similar storyline to the popular movie as the trailer showed us a squad of space marines exploring a base to bring it back online. However, their similarities ended there since the movie focused more on investigating a colony after contact was lost.

Moreover, the Aliens movie also followed where the Alien movie left off, so the people going to investigate the colony already have someone who has dealt with the Xenomorphs. The trailer for Alien Dark Descent showed that the squad who entered the base didn’t have any idea of what they would face, however.

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The trailer focused on Sergeant Leo Alvarez, who was the one narrating the story of what his squad encountered on the base. He said he had no idea what they are but he still sees them even if he closes his eyes. He also mentioned that everyone was dead. The fate of the sergeant wasn’t revealed but it seems he will follow the same fate as the end of the storyline trailer showed he is being surrounded by the terrifying aliens.

Alien Dark Descent Gameplay

The trailer also wasn’t clear about Alien Dark Descent’s gameplay, except that it’s a squad-based shooting game. The end of the trailer revealed a bit of the gameplay in a top-down view where marine squads were shooting at various Xenomorphs coming at them. From the looks of it, the game is a survival strategy game where squads try to hold off and kill attacking aliens that are coming after them. It wasn’t clear, though, if the game would be a co-op game, or how you would control the marines.

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Alien Dark Descent gameplay

For now, the actual gameplay is still unclear since there is still a possibility that the shown gameplay snippet is just a part of a game cutscene. So, almost everything is speculation at this point. However, several things are clear about this game. It’s an action-packed shooting game, you get to control the marines, and you have to battle against many Xenomorphs. More details and information will likely become available as we get close to the game’s release date.

When is the Release Date of Alien Dark Descent?

When it comes to when Alien Dark Descent will come out, it wasn’t specified in the trailer either. The only thing the trailer revealed is that it will come out at some point in 2023, but no exact date was provided. But since the game was revealed in June 2022, a 2023 release date is rather quick. This means that the developer, Tindalos Interactive, is most probably already in the final stages of the game’s development.

They are likely just testing out certain things and ironing out any bugs or issues the game has. Of course, this can still mean a year or more before the game will finally be released. So, it’s safe to assume that the game could be available by mid-2023 or up to the end of the year. Alien Dark Descent will be available on both PC and consoles.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a fan of the Aliens franchise, or sci-fi horror in general (or not), you will enjoy playing Alien Dark Descent. This is especially true if the actual game is as good and interesting as the trailers showed. Though not much detail was provided from the trailer reveal, it did show enough to entice gamers’ interest in the game. The storyline itself is already very interesting since it is based on the Aliens movie storyline.

Plus, the gameplay snippet provides action-packed gameplay that is sure fun and exciting. Hopefully, we get more details about Alien Dark Descent in the coming months. It would be great to see more information regarding its actual gameplay and its official release date. Let’s see if it is a game worth waiting for and acquiring to play once it’s finally available.


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