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Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Guide – How to Unlock Characters


Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation / adventure game that is full of exploration, quests, and fun activities. It features familiar and new Disney and Pixar characters. The game takes place in Dreamlight Valley which was once a tranquil area where Pixar and Disney’s characters coexisted peacefully—that is, until the Forgetting. All over the countryside, Night Thorns bloomed, severing the pleasant memories connected to this magical location. The desperate residents of Dreamlight Valley fled behind the sealed walls of Dream Castle, having nowhere else to go.

Overview of the Disney Dreamlight Valley

The player must explore the region to obtain supplies and use its energy to destroy “Night Thorns.” These are the unwelcome dark magic plants that spread across the valley. A cooking station, like an oven or a bonfire, can be used to prepare different meals, while a crafting station can be used to create items like furniture or materials out of other resources.

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Meals are important to consume to restore energy. So, it is necessary to use magic-infused instruments such as a pickaxe, a spade, a fishing pole, and a watering can. They can restore more energy than fruits located in the valley. Prepared meals result in “well-fed” characters which increase their movement speed. On September 6, 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley was made available for early access on the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

As much as we want to delve into the development stage of this highly acclaimed game, that is a topic for another day. Because today we are going to learn how to unlock all the current characters in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Unlock Guide

Read on to know how to unlock each of the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters from the Dream Castle.


The first character that you will meet in the game. You can rescue Merlin upon unlocking the Dream Castle. Just make sure that you were able to collect all the tools in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Mickey Mouse and Merlin
Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Mickey Mouse & Merlin


Mickey Mouse

Resides in the Plaza home just across from yours. To unlock this character, you must enter his mansion to meet him and begin the “Mickey’s Memories” quest. This will lead to the acquisition of any of the Royal Tools. In Mickey’s subsequent mission, “Foodception,” you learn how to cook and get recipes from Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Scrooge McDuck

Standing in front of his demolished storefront not far from the Plaza’s center. You need to interact with the character to initiate the “Making Cents of Things” quest, which requires you to speak with Goofy.


Once you have the Pickaxe Royal Tool, shatter the boulders barring your path towards the Peaceful Meadow and enter the house in the center of the region to encounter Goofy. To obtain the Royal Fishing Rod, you must bring Goofy the damaged fishing rod that you’ll also find by the pond.


In the Dream Castle, activate the Wall-E Realm and finish the mission to return Wall-E to Dreamlight Valley. Wall-E has its own garden, which you may upgrade and collect crops from.


Access the Moana Realm in the Dream Castle. Make sure to complete the objectives in the realm to aid her safe return to the valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Moana
Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Moana



Maui can be rescued in the Moana Realm after helping Moana back to the valley. You can then begin the quest “A Feast Worthy of a Demigod.” Finish this task to encourage Maui to join Moana. However, you must have passage to Dazzle Beach to construct his aquatic house first.


To unlock Remy, you must enter the Dream Castle’s Ratatouille Realm and finish the quest. Doing this will allow you to return him to Dreamlight Valley. Naturally, you will discover the ratatouille recipe while completing this mission. Once Remy arrives in Dreamlight Valley, you can assist him with reopening the Chez Remy.

Minnie Mouse

Obtain the “Memory Magnification” Friendship quest by reaching Friendship Rank 8 with Mickey Mouse after completing all previous Mickey tasks. You will eventually succeed in saving Minnie Mouse throughout this mission.


You’ll encounter Ursula in a cursed cave after gaining access to Dazzle Beach and starting the “With Great Power…” quest. Ursula can be freed by reclaiming the Orb of Power by resolving the Mystical Cave challenges in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Ursula
Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Ursula



Unlock the Valley’s Forest of Valor section to discover him.

Donald Duck

Once you’ve found Kristoff, speak with him to advance the “Lost In The Dark Grove” quest. Donald will be discovered as a part of this quest, which will lead you through a strange gateway within the Forest of Valor.

Mother Gothel

You’ll discover Mother Gothel as part of the “The Curse” quest by removing the dark spell off the tree in the Glade of Trust.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Mother Gothel
Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Mother Gothel


Anna & Elsa

Access the Frozen Realm on Dream Castle’s second level. The plot allows you to bring Anna, and eventually Elsa, home to the Valley. But in between, you’ll need to improve your bond with Anna.


Use the small raft you’ll construct to travel to Ariel by helping Goofy fix the “mystery shipwreck” you discover on the island southwest of Dazzle Beach.


Once you’ve completed Ariel’s wonderful home on your island, increase your bond with her to begin planning how to get Eric to the Dreamlight Valley. To get Eric to show up, though, you’ll also need to reach Ursula’s final friendship quest, which is the key to discovering where he is located. This will need you to reach friendship rank 10 with her.


You can locate Scar in the Sunlit Plateau’s elephant graveyard cave, but you must finish the “Nature and Nurture” mission first before you can become friends with him. This mission also requires you to collect some Rich Soil. So, keep an eye out for that in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Scar
Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters Scar



You can obtain him by finishing his mission in the Toy Story world, which is located within the Dream Castle.


Delivered to your valley after finishing his own mission, obtained by completing Buzz’s objective in the Toy Story world.


To begin the search for Stitch, seek the Wet Sock along Dazzle Beach. Deliver this sock to Donald Duck, clean up a bit of rubbish, look for the odd gadget, speak with Donald, and then sit tight for the remaining instructions.

More Unlockable Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters are to Come!

As mentioned above, the game is still in its early access which means that developers will continue to develop the game based on the community’s feedback. This also means that there will be more Disney characters to expect as it nears its official launch.

So, if you are looking for a game that will allow you to interact and do missions with your favorite Disney characters, then consider playing Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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